Mar 14

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is an online marketing approach that positions your ad on top of organic search engine results. This advertising approach works in such a way that, website owners would only pay when their ads are clicked on. Using The PPC advertising method can benefit businesses in several unique ways.

One of the fastest growing Pay Per Click advertising companies is eClickZ, a fairly new pay per click ad network that has low advertiser competition (why pay Google $20.00 per click when you can get the same qualified traffic for $0.10 per click or less). The traffic driven is from their network of partner websites and smaller search engines who in turn signup for a free account, paste the HTML code on their websites and earn a commission for each click. You can learn more about our Affiliate Program at http://publisher.eclickz.com if you are interested in a great Google Adsense alternative.

Control and suppleness

Businesses using the pay per click advertising approach are allowed to create and control their campaigns to meet their individual business needs. Companies can opt for seasonal campaigns where their ads would be seen in specific periods or consider the incessant campaigns where their advertisements can be seen on a frequent basis. Company owners can also bid for the amount of traffic they can afford to buy as there are numerous adwords alternatives available. It also provides control by allowing companies to track the overall success of their advertising campaigns.

Gives immediate results

Using Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest method to buy traffic for your site. This is because your ads will appear on the search engines once your PPC campaign is initiated. This gives you the surety that, you would not wait for months for your business to reach your desired target.

It allows for budget setting

Pay Per Click advertising also allows businesses to control their costs through setting daily and monthly budgets. It is usually designed in such a way that advertisers can decide on the amount of money they would be paying for their keywords as well as all other bidding selections. This ensures you can meet you advertising needs without having to spend more than your desired amounts.

Allows advertisers to pay for results

This marketing approach is also unique in that, advertisers would only pay when their ads are clicked on. Usually when placing an ad on the search engine results, advertisers are not charged. Therefore, PPC advertising allows advertisers to market their brands at no cost until a balance is reached by having their ads clicked on.

It allows for targeting

This marketing approach permits businesses to target their audience through keyword rich campaign ads that ensure their ads can be only seen by specific consumers. It is designed in such a way that, users can easily target on within target factors such as advertising language, location, gender and age demographics. PPC allows you target your ads to a specific audience who would have higher rate of clicking on such ads.

Equal Odds of Winning More Customers Regardless of Business Size

The Pay Per Click method of advertising gives all types of businesses the ability to win more clients to their brands. This is because it does not put limits to what kind of business should place their ads on the search engines or make keyword bids as a way to make more awareness for their brands.

Article by Nadir Patel
Courtesy of eClickZ Pay Per Click Advertising Network


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Nov 10

Why Awesome Copywriting is as Crucial as SEO

Let’s be realistic, not many of the content found on the web are awesome. In fact, it is as if the web is gradually becoming a dumping ground for poor quality content written by people who hardly understand the difference between past and present tense. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many websites being properly ranked but lacking in repeat visitors and not getting the attention they should.

The reason behind this is as a result of the fact that we have been exposed over time, to the lie that higher search engine rankings are far more important than awesome content. Back in the days, all you needed to rank highly on the search engine was to spam keywords targeting the market you wanted to get in. Although it is still common to find certain websites ranked highly using this method, they are often uninteresting as the web pages are still keyword stuffed. Recent trends and events have shown that consumers are gradually beginning to take note of things like this.

Most website visitors are now more interested in getting more information as against just logging on to buy stuff. And websites without good content are gradually finding it hard to make any profit. Recent events have proved that search engine optimization need not be devoid of excellent copy and content. Therefore, those who still claim that all you need to do is build backlinks that will help your website rank highly without focusing on the content are either still ignorant or are not telling the truth.

The beauty of an awesome content cannot be underestimated. In fact, if the content is so good, and keyword optimized, you are guaranteed more visitors than you can handle and higher search engine rankings. This is because, when people find awesome content giving them the reprint rights, what they do is take the content and post it on their websites, communities, forums, social networking sites and so on. What this does for you is that you get more exposure, and have a lot links pointing back to your website. What this basically translates into is that people help you rank higher by helping you build your links.

Mixing both copywriting and search engine optimization is a must if you want to outrank your competition and build a lasting business online. Research has shown that in the nearest future, one thing is not likely to change even if other factors do: The Quality of a website’s content. It will still matter in the scheme of things even if other things like metatags, keyword density and back links among others become outdated.

Now, attaining that delicate balance between excellent creative copywriting and SEO can be really difficult if you are not experienced at it. To quickly solve this problem, hire an excellent copywriting professional who also has the knowledge of SEO. You can often find this combination in professional SEO services. Doing this will put you in the limelight and help you make more money in your business than trying to do it all by yourself.


Nov 10

Click Fraud: A Guide To Protecting Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Click fraud is the latest ‘hot topic’ circulating the online marketing arena, but what is it? And how does it affect you as a merchant running a pay-per-click campaign?

Spending on Internet advertising is growing faster than any other sector of the advertising industry and is expected to surge from $12.5 billion last year to $29 billion by 2010 in the U.S. alone, according to the researcher eMarketer Inc. With around 50% of this spending being spent on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Here we offer you a complete guide as to what this phenomenon is, who is likely to commit such an act, how to identify & prevent click fraud and how to best report instances of suspected click fraud on your PPC campaign.

What is Click Fraud?

According to Wikipedia “Click fraud is a type of internet crime that occurs in pay per click online advertising when a person, automated script, or computer program imitates a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link”

Click Fraud is estimated to range from 5% – 15% of pay-per-click traffic (some estimates are as high as 20% – 35%) although Google estimates click fraud at only 2% due to the rigorous detection methods they claim are in place.

In a recent study by Click Forensics, click fraud reached a new high of 14.2% in the last quarter of 2006 with the average rate of click fraud on ‘content networks’ as high as 19.2% for the same quarter.

So who is likely to commit Click Fraud?

The click fraud villain is most likely to fall into one of three categories:

– Online vandals with nothing better to do than cause a nuisance

– A competitor clicking on your search network PPC ads, with the sole intention of increasing your cost-per-acquisition (CPA). This could be interpreted as click fraud, although currently the search engines do not consider this kind of activity as click fraud

– Search Engine advertising affiliates who generate self-income from fraudulent clicks on ‘content network’ adverts displayed on their own websites. This practice, at it’s extreme, involves the use of unscrupulous ‘paid to read’ or PTR sites, which are basically click-fraud rings, some with hundreds or thousands of participants, paid to click on your ads with no regard for your return on investment (ROI) as the advertiser

What are the Search Engines doing about it?

Both Google and Yahoo claim that they filter out most fraudulent clicks. The costs involved for these clicks are either not charged or are reimbursed to advertisers who have been wrongly billed.

To combat click fraud Google applies four layers of fraud detection:

1. Automatic detection – this filters clicks from both the search and content networks in real-time with the goal of removing them before their existence is ever shown to the advertiser

2. The “Flagging system” – an automatic process to remove invalid AdSense clicks

3. The “Manual review” – this process has more than two-dozen Google employees tasked with manually reviewing and removing any suspicious AdSense clicks

4. If the first three layers of protection fail then the fourth and final layer of click fraud detection falls to the advertiser and 3rd party click fraud detection companies. Google refers to this layer as “requested investigations”

Googles main aim is that the first three layers of filtering will identify all invalid and fraudulent clicks. These layers currently filter more than 98% of invalid clicks.

And should you be in any doubt, both Google and Yahoo have, in the past, released the following statements:

“We think click fraud is a serious but manageable issue” says John Slade, Yahoo’s senior director for global product management.

“Google strives to detect every invalid click that passes through its system” says Shuman Ghosemajumder, the Google manager for trust and safety. “It’s absolutely in our best interest for advertisers to have confidence in this industry.”

As a positive for the future, Google is currently testing a cost-per-action (CPA) platform, which should effectively deal with click fraud. With CPA ads you don’t pay by the click but instead pay when the customer reaches a certain goal: buys a product, fills an enquiry, etc.

How to identify click fraud on your pay-per-click campaign

Before you can even contemplate identifying click fraud you must have effective tracking tools implemented on your website and, if possible, access to your server logs. With tracking tools in place, the most obvious way of spotting click fraud is to simply observe any spikes in traffic where there is no particular shift in your conversions.

Once identified, these spikes can then be analysed by looking for repeated clicks from sources that look similar. This similarity could be an IP address or an IP range; it could be a combination of IP range; browser version; operating system. Basically look for data in groups that looks fraudulent.

If all this is just ‘a bit too heavy’ for you then there are a number of companies out there that can help.

– AdWatcher: claims to able to spot click fraud so that you can report it. Covers other aspects of PPC marketing, by helping you track your ROI, email success, etc.

– Click Auditor: offers the ability to check whether your competitors IP is the one performing any abusive clicking, and says it will stealthily gather your competitors IP addresses for this purpose

– ClickSentinel: focuses on helping you get refunds on fraudulent clicks, as requesting a refund from your PPC provider can often be very difficult for the un-initiated

– Click Tracks: reportedly has automatic click fraud reporting along with other click tracking (analytics) tools

Reporting suspected Click Fraud

When reporting suspected click fraud, you must include as much captured data as possible to increase your likelihood of obtaining a refund or credit.

The following guidelines are recommended:

– Clearly state, at the very beginning of your claim, that you are reporting suspected click fraud

– Provide a full explanation to support your claim

– Include your account details (do not include your password or payment information)

– State the exact keyword, ad and campaign where you suspect click fraud has occurred

– State the exact time, date and IP address of each instance of suspected click fraud. This data can be gleaned from your server logs or 3rd party tracking tool

– Finally, state whether you are requesting a refund, credit or investigation

If you were using any software tools, such as those highlighted earlier, to help you track and report click fraud then include any reports generated by these in your claim.

Lowering the risk of Click Fraud happening to you!

Always bear in mind that your PPC objective is to get conversions and not just clicks.

The more you have researched the demographics of your intended client base the better your chance of avoiding click fraud. Are your clients from a specific country or location? When are they likely to search for your product or service? What are the key search-terms they are using?

With demographic data in-hand you can target your ad campaigns more effectively and lower your risk of click fraud.


Nov 10

Learn How Copywriting Skills Influence Your Business!

Copywriting is a great skill to increase interest of your customers into your business. When you plan to write a copy, you will need to understand the mindset of your customer. Copywriting is nothing but writing words that promote your business or ideas in such a manner that compels your customer to take some form of action. If you do not plan before writing, it may happen that your efforts may not bring enough attention of your customers.

There are two main parts of your copywriting which are headlines and body. Headline is the most important part of copywriting. They attract attention of the customer when he just opens your copy. If he does not find something which provides a very compelling offer which provides enough value, the prospect will just skip your copy. So, Headlines are like a gatekeeper. If the gatekeeper is not good looking the customer will not even bother to visit what you want to offer. Therefore, when you write copy, you should check your headlines specially to ensure that it is attractive enough to draw attention of your customers.

The next section in your copywriting is the body which is also called sales page or advertising content. Here are the following points you need to be concerned when you are writing effective advertising content:

1. Since advertising depends on what you want to sell and type of your customers, your content will vary.

2. You should be very specific on your advertising message. Remember, customers can easily get distracted while reading through your message.

3. Use good phrases, keywords which draw people’s attention.

4. Make the sales letter as relevant as possible to the customer. Keep yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what he would like and what examples can best relate to his emotions.

5. When you put the offer you should ensure that the customers get a good value of the time spent and how it can help them. Remember, people do not buy from someone whom then do not trust and like.

6. Lastly, keep a very good call to action. This draws customer’s attention to take action immediately rather than some other day. If you let the customer go, there are high chances that he will never come back.

Now that you have an idea of how to write a copy, you can make some home work for yourself. You should create a swipe file where you should write down all the headlines, phrases and keywords that you find attractive. Also while writing, you should use online or software tools to check your language and synonyms which will help you while writing copy. It will be another good idea to search about similar advertisements in search engines like google and see what other advertisers are doing. By following these simple steps you can write very effective copy and can take your business to next level. Hope this article helped answer some of your questions and get you going on copywriting.


Nov 10

Copywriting- Avoiding Writing Mistakes that Even an Expert Copywriter Makes

When it comes to presenting a good content to impress the audience, employing the right copywriting tactics helps immensely in paying rich dividends to the website owners. But sometimes even the best writer in this field make a few writing mistakes that are mentioned below.

Not Understanding Audience

Usually website hires a copywriter to develop the content matter. From business view point the copywriter might please his or her client with the content, but that might not be enough or necessary to please the audience, also. The content may not relate to the needs or preferences of the audience and thus fail to win their appreciation. This will considerably reduce the traffic as the readers might not find anything useful in it. Ultimately the online business will suffer. To overcome this writer has to write for the audience so that they can bond and relate with the site very well and thus increase the popularity of the site.

Shallow Knowledge about Product

A copywriter basically spreads the appropriate knowledge that he or she has about a particular product or service to the online audience through the web content. But to do this effectively and engage the audience in site for longer period of time the writer should have deep and thorough knowledge of the concerned product or service. However poor or little knowledge about the product or service can erode the content value and drive away the readers from the site. To avoid this it is necessary for the writer take do some reading and research on the topic, on which, he or she wants to write web content.

Not Able to Catch the Audience Attention

The present day hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for people to spare more time for reading. If one cannot captivate the attention with the message or the title of the content, the site is bound to loose majority of the traffic to it’s’ competitors. This is one of the major writing mistakes that even a best writer makes. Copywriting advocates use of a stunning title and a lively introduction to fire the imagination of the audience and compel them to stay in the site and go through the content.

Failure to Strike a Balance

The failure to maintain the right amount of content is one of the writing mistakes. Some of the writers overstuff the page with too many content details that look intimidating to the readers as they do not have enough time or patience or mental capacity to read it completely. While on other hand too little content will leave the audience thirsty for more information and this frustration can drive them away from the site, forever. So a writer should write a content that is in requisite quantity and good enough to satisfy most of the readers.

Not Making Easy for the Audience

Sometimes, copywriters fail to provide the pricing details, product information and details that enable the buyer to purchase the product easily. This frustrates the potential customers and drives them to some other website that provides easy access to the product of same quality and rate.

So when it come to copywriting all these mistakes should be avoided so that the readers can have a good reading experience and bring smiles of the face audience and the website owner.


Nov 10

Copywriting Tips

Within this article today on copywriting tips, we’ll look at how you can acquire more clients as well as improve your writing skills.

Improving these two skills will allow you to have a meteoric rise in the income that you bring in.  Many copywriters are very strong in their profession but are not very good at procuring clients.  If you are able to sell yourself to potential clients, you’ll never find yourself short of work.  The ability to sell yourself is what will set you apart from all the other freelance copywriters out there.  You must make sure that you have a portfolio of your best work.  Within this portfolio, you’ll want to have a letter explaining your qualifications along with samples of your writing as well as testimonials from your previous jobs.  If you are able to e-mail this to your potential clients, this will help set you apart.  They can see the professional work you have done in the past as well as the client base that you currently work with.  If you are able to reference Fortune 500 companies  you have worked with, this will continue to improve your credibility. If you are just starting out in the copywriting field, delete the potential references and replace this with more work that you have done in the past. If you have worked for an advertising agency and are beginning to freelance, make sure to include some the work that you have done at the advertising agency.

Two possible ways that you can acquire clients are to post at different contracting websites such as elance.com or directfreelance.com. You can also research companies who you can potentially see if they need work.  If you spend time reading the business section every day, cut out articles that might be within your particular field and keep them in a centralized location.  This could be a potential source of leads for you depending upon how the companies are doing and if it is in a predicament where your skills may be needed

If you want to learn more about writing great copy, look into learning more about Dan Kennedy.  He is one of the world’s foremost experts on direct selling and reading through his book will give you some insights into how to write great copy.  The book that you want to specifically pick up is called “The Ultimate Sales Letter.” This book breaks down the Kennedy system of writing great copy.  By taking the time to read through this, you’ll be able to see what he has done to be so successful and he takes the time to look through different examples that you can see what works with in many of these advertisements.

Hopefully this article today on copywriting tips has proven to be beneficial to you.  Stephen King was once quoted in Time magazine that writing is similar to working out.  When you work out and lift weights, within a period of time, you’ll find yourself becoming much stronger and more muscular.  The same can be applied to copywriting.  If you continue to develop your skills and write habitually every day, you’ll find yourself becoming a better writer over the course of time.  The key behind copywriting tips is that you must apply them.


Nov 10

The Art of Copywriting Tips – What it Can Do For You

Copywriting is so hard for many, and let’s talk about some elements of good copywriting tips and skills and go over them in more detail. Try to write with your own personality and also try to write as if there was only one person in the audience.

The complex nature of one’s unique characteristics is what allows the writer to relay a message to the reader. Try to be real, unique, sincere and creative and most of all be excited about the material you are writing about. This creates trust and loyalty from the reader. Kind of like a bond that goes along with your passionate writing and copywriting skills.

There are so many copywriting tips out on the internet but I do know of some that will be of value. First Off do not be afraid to write whatever you want. You are the author and with millions and billions of topics you wont be able to please everybody. Its up to the reader to see if you have relevant content and information that will spark their interest. Do not let someone that you can not even see stop you from writing a good article about “dark bugs in Alaska”. That is a joke but you get my point. You never know when that one certain person, or even thousands of people for that matter will connect with you and that special message you are trying to get across.

Also a good copywriting tip is where you bring out your own flare, your spice or your own expertise on a new product or a old product with a new twist on things. Be creative and let loose the inner you while acting as if you where the president giving a speech that everybody wants to hear. Only your writing it down on paper or in this case the computer.

Do not forget if you are writing to make a living off a product or service and it comes to anyone single great copywriting tip is there is only one person usually sitting behind that computer screen. That is who you have to connect with not the whole internet just one person. So most of all have fun with it be creative and see what you can do. You never know unless you try and I hope some of these copywriting tips were helpful.


Nov 10

Seo Copywriting Is Your Answer To The Quest Of Enhancing Sales And Getting Online Success

No one launches website for mere fun. Most of the webmasters have one and only one basic objective. The objective is promoting their products, services, and enhancing sales. In the process they aim to achieve success online. Problem for most such people is that they do not know how to achieve such success. SEO copywriting could be the answer to your quest in such cases.

It is not easy devising suitable SEO copywriting technique that would generate such results. A lot of skill and experience have to be input in the process. More than the quantity; quality of the contents are vital for success in copywriting process. That is the reason why you will find thousands of copywriters on the web but few of them are really successful. Deficiencies are not in their skill level or knowledge. Problem is that they have not been able to device a technique for SEO copywriting that could generate the desired inflow of traffic to the website.

Searching relevant contents online is nothing new. Viewers have been searching for contents relevant to their subject for decades now. The process that gathered momentum during the 1990s has only shown an upward trend since then and has never ever registered any downward trend. Contents are the creation of the copywriters and therefore they are indispensable part of the process of search engine optimization. At the same time they have to survive in face of huge competitions and therefore they require strategic SEO copywriting technique to sustain their existence in the market.

Some critics claim that the method of article writing may not work that well for the Website promotion. Once again the defect is not with the writer or the promoter. It has to do with the absence of such well organized and strategic SEO copywriting technique, the life line of the process of article writing and submission.


Nov 10

Easiest Copywriting Technique For Network Marketers To Master

The written word has been used for centuries by advertising giants around the world to sell everything imaginable including the Network Marketing industry.  Words can be employed to showcase your leadership, your products and your opportunity.  That is why copywriting is an extremely important skill to learn if you want to be successful in any online Network Marketing business.

Great copywriting skills take years to learn and are always evolving but there is an easy way for an everyday person to stand out even with all the advertising noise online and get noticed their first day at the computer.

All they need to do is tell a story.

Everyone loves to hear and share a good story so, use that to your advantage.

Think about the last time you heard a good story.  It was enjoyable, it felt real, it had people in it just like you, it had a funny, controversial or emotional side to it and it was easy for you to retell to your friends or family.

By using good storytelling tactics in your marketing efforts your “tale” will be more likely to spread virally for you and will be easily remembered by any one who reads it.

Good commercials do this all the time.  Some of the most memorable ads have been simple 30 second stories.  We can all remember the phone commercial with the family talking long distance for the first time or the McDonalds commercial with dad putting the fries in the trunk so he didn’t eat them on the way home.  These ads are effective because they tell a story while they are selling something.  The sales pitch gets lost in the story but when it is over, you still know what it is they were selling.

So when you sit down to write an article, a blog post, an email or shoot a video remember to use storytelling to your advantage.  Connect with your readers in an emotional way through your own personal experiences, good or bad, funny or sad.

It is the easiest, most compelling way to make your written words stand out in the crowd and get your sales pitch noticed.


Nov 10

The Fundamentals of Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

There are three fundamental elements that form the basis of a successful pay per click ad program and they are constant monitoring, response analysis, and refinement.

Pay per click search engines offer a way to buy your way to the top of search results for any term you wish. With proper management, and a clear focus, pay per click search engines can offer some of the most well targeted and economical advertising on the Internet.

Pay per click advertising works through a bidding process, and the ads appear prominently on the results pages of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The highest bidder for a particular word or phrase receives top placement, and depending on the engine, the top three to five bidders also generally also receive placement on the first page of unpaid search results.

Fundamental questions to be addressed when formulating a pay per click search engine strategy include the following:

When is the top pay per click bid necessary for highest conversion, and when will bidding for a second or third place position create a more attractive return on investment (ROI)?

How can you keep your PPC bids from cannibalizing your search efforts on other (non pay per click) search engines?

What percentage of your pay per click budget should go to each search engine?

Does either Google Adwords or Overture work better for your particular product or service? Or, perhaps neither one is appropriate from a return on investment (ROI) perspective.

It is of critical importance to focus sharply on identifying the search terms that convert most frequently for your particular site, eliminating those that don’t perform, and most importantly, calculating and maximizing your return on investment.

The cost structure of pay per click is action-driven and each time a user clicks your ad, the pay per click engine deducts the amount of your current bid from your account. Pay per click offers a high level of assurance that your ad is reaching the proper target.

Pay per click campaigns, however, are not perfect. Without CONSTANT monitoring, you sometimes risk incurring advertising costs that can spiral out of control, focusing on terms that don’t convert well for your product or services, or falling way down in position during a bidding war.

PPC advertising can be a great help to a site’s success, but only with very close supervision and a thorough knowledge of the unique characteristics of each PPC search engine.