10 Major “Copywriting Elements!”

There are 10 major copywriting elements to be followed when writing any type
of copy for anything. Along with the elements comes a sequence that must be
followed for the elements to flow properly and in a way to engage your prospect
to read your copy(advertisement) fully.

1. Headline & Sub Headline: These 2 elements are to get your prospect to read
the first sentence and nothing else. So your headline and sub headline must be
compelling enough that your prospect reads it all and wants to continue reading
the entire piece.

2. First & Second Sentence: The first and second sentences are to get the
prospect to get into what you are trying to sell or promote so you want to give
a little teaser in the first and second sentences. They are also to get the
prospect again to keep reading your copy.

3. Paragraph Headings: These are put to make your copy look less intimidating
and a lot easier for your prospect to read and understand the true meaning of
each paragraph and what you are actually trying to say.

4. Product Explanation: This is where you explain the product or service that
you are trying to sell or promote so your prospect understands it fully and
its capabilities and what is in it for them. You must give the benefits and
value in this element of your copy at all times.

5. New features: Now this is when you add any new features or uniqueness of your
product or service to help you sell them. It can be a feature that no other
product or service has or come up with yet. Just something new for people to
want to get to know more about which will build curiosity!

6. Objections: Here is where you want to bring up any objections you think your
prospect might have at the time and resolve them right away. If it is justifying
the purchase then you must justify the purchase!

7. Trial Period: The human race is addicted to being comfortable. By giving a
trial period you are keeping your prospect comfortable in the knowing that they
have either 15 or 30 days to return the product if they are not happy.

8. Testimonials: Show or give some testimonials of people who have recently
used or tried your product or service to build that trust and confidence in your
prospect so they feel comfortable. Making someone feel like they are dealing
with a real human and not reading or watching something is key!

9. Offer Summary: Here is where you want to summarize what you are offering and
again tell them what you have given them and why it will help them.

10. Ask For Order: Now for the best part. This is where you ask for the order
or sale. You can also just direct them to a site or give a number so if they
are interested they can either call you or go to the site and purchase or
get more information.

These 10 copywriting elements were discussed in a book called “The Adweek
CopyWriting HandBook” which is written by Joe Sugarman the best copywriter of
all time! So you are positive that they are effective and will work. I have read
this book so many times as I run an online business from home I needed to learn
how to write compelling copy. Let me share something.

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