4 Powerful Reasons To Sharpen Those Copywriting Skills

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Last time we talked about writing effective sales copies and it got me thinking about how vital copywriting is in almost EVERYTHING!

Great copywriting helps you build a trusting relationship with your target audience, whether it is content for your website, blogs, for your sales page, newsletter, brochure or Google ads. In order to build a trusting relationship, it is vital that you make your target audience feel comfortable, right? Well, effective copywriting immediately sets your prospects at peace. When applying the rules of writing excellent copy, you show them that you are someone that they can really trust, and you could potentially be rewarded with repeat sales and closes for months or even years to come!

So I thought, why don’t we go back and take a look to why copywriting is very much essential today.

Here’s a suggestion: before you write anything, I think it would be really great to look into these 4 reasons from the Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets Course with author Ben Settle.

1. Copywriting CAN close the deal.

Never underestimate the power of words to impress your prospect. Words can awe, inspire, touch and get people to take action immediately, so applying all those copywriting rules you’ve learned can really get you the attention you deserve – and help you close a lot of deals!

2. Copywriting is salesmanship reproduced.

This is the power of copywriting: just one great piece of sales copy and you get to talk to A LOT of people all at once! Think what those words can do to influence, convince and move these people to action!

3. Copywriting is about the 40/40/20/ rule.

Here’s a really valuable lesson from writer Ben Settle: 40% is talking to the correct people, another 40% is presenting the offer well, and 20% is about your exactl words or writing. These things can really make or break your copy!

4. Excellent copywriting CAN multiply sales exponentially. You don’t have to be a popular or a super copywriter to know this — applying all the tips and techniques in effective copywriting can translate to higher chances of multiplying your sales! Need I say more?

After reading this, I hope you are reminded of why copywriting is one of your most critical business skills to brush up on. See how quickly you can start turning our blogs, ads and sales letters into your very own personal sales machines!

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