4 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your SEO Copywriter

What expectations do you usually have when hiring an SEO copywriter? It is important that he should write appealing marketing content which attracts potential leads to your website. The content should be informative and interesting so as to attract a lot of visitors who convert into potential buyers for you. There is no reason why you should grin and bear it if your copywriter is not able to deliver the goods. A copywriter can fail you on several counts. Tacky Content – One thing you can never compromise with is the quality of content. Boring content ridden with glaring factual errors seldom helps your marketing drive. And, your SEO copywriter can almost kill your business prospects with bad grammar and spelling errors. Show him the exit door as soon as you find these problems in your sales copies.

Lacking SEO Skills – Of many reasons why your competition stays ahead of you in Google rankings, Google-optimized content probably is the the most important one. There is practically no point of retaining your SEO copywriter who lacks the necessary skills of optimizing your sale copies from Google standpoint. Unless your sale copies are ideally optimized with targeted keywords in proper density, your website is less likely to appear on Google searches, let alone stay ahead of your competition. If you still fancy to retain your SEO copywriter, you’re putting your business on the line.

Failing Deadline – The competition never waits for you; neither do you prospective customers. Your marketing campaign hinges on the prompt delivery of sales copies, articles and other promotional material. You certainly can’t hold the competition to standstill while you wait forever for your SEO copywriter to deliver your copies. Any writer with little respect to deadlines is not worth their salt. An SEO content writer has to be professional enough to complete his work in time on a regular basis. If you don’t get your articles, blog posts, sales copies delivered in time, you have every reason to be concerned about your SEO copywriter.

Plagiarized Content – When your SEO Copywriter resorts to plagiarism, he upsets your chances of ranking well (Google hate stolen content) and worse, getting your website banned altogether. This is absolutely an unforgivable crime. An SEO copywriter just cannot get away with plagiarizing content in the Web. Any good writer will always strive to produce content which is absolutely original. Copying even a few lines from another piece of information on the Web can lead to severe penalties by the search engines, which can be terrible for your business. In such cases, you have all the reason in the world to fire your writer.

Hiring an SEO Copywriter is a big undertaking since content plays a critical part in building your credibility and search engine visibility. Sacking your SEO content writer is never that easy as finding an immediate replacement is always difficult and fraught with potential risks. Hence, you should always make sure that you choose an SEO content writer who knows his job well and is conversant with the SEO dynamics required to drive search engine friendly content for your campaign.

However, there are chances that you might make a mistake in hiring a wrong SEO copywriter and once you find out the flaws in him, feel free to fire him. As they say, if your SEO copywriter is not fired with enthusiasm, he should be fired with enthusiasm.

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