5 Professional Copywriting Services to Take Your Marketing and Advertising Further, Part 2 of 3

Looking for professional copywriting and marketing services?

Are you looking for outside-the-box ways to market your business?

My aim for this 3-part article series has been to list and explain 5 little-known online copywriting and marketing services. This is a 3-part series because I want to explain each of these in enough detail, and in a way that opens up the abundance of opportunities and marketing channels for you to spread your message.

In the previous article, I talked about a strategic way to use the salespage. The key idea here is that this use of the salespage occurs after the visitor has already bought, not before.

In this article, we’ll explore 2 more copywriting services.

Copywriting Service #2: Video Copywriting and Marketing

Is a slide-to-video presentation best for your visitors?

How about an infomercial-style video?

How does the fact that most people are visual learners influence how you’ll produce a visual message?

I’m sure you know that online video is a huge trend, confirmed by the growing number of video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Revver.

Though the traditional definition of copywriting services didn’t include video marketing, when you consider the fact that 52% of all Internet traffic is video, or video-related, it becomes apparent that you should consider the services of a professional video marketer. My prediction is that done-for-you video marketing services will be on the rise. (In fact, I know they are.) Your prospective copywriter may provide video marketing advice. If you’re lucky, they may even provide the service themself. Currently, there are very few who do, but since video is increasingly used as a viable marketing medium, the need for video marketing services will increase, and copywriters are in a very good position to offer this.

When done well, video marketing can be a profitable marketing channel for you. One need look no further than Blendtec’s popular “Will It Blend” series of videos on Youtube.

Copywriting Service #3: Adwords Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

In October 2008, one of my copywriting coaches told me something that I had heard numerous times before: that a small change in an ad can result in a significant increase in response.

In addition to writing pay-per-click ads for your marketing campaigns, a professional copywriter can also manage them. If your copywriter understands pay-per-click, they can monitor each pay-per-click ad. Some will be profitable for you, whereas others will break even or fail to yeild a positive ROI. By observing click-through and conversion rates, a web-savvy copywriter can pause your low-converting, money-wasting ads, and direct more effort toward creating ads that resemble the positive ROI ads.

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