5 Tips to Improve Your Copywriting

Every copywriter aspires to be better at what they do, with each piece of writing they produce. No matter who you’re writing for, you want your projects to be exciting, engaging and worthy. In order to ensure that your copy is the very best that it can be, here are a few points to consider before you start.

Tip #1: If They Aren’t Learning, You Aren’t Being Informative

Many copywriting clients insist that their articles must be informative. Your copy needs to convey something to your readers in order to achieve the desired level of informative content. So be informative. You have to provide useful information that your readers can learn from. If they don’t learn anything new, then your article is NOT informative. Make sure that you meet your client’s need for informative articles by teaching your readers something as often as you can.

Tip #2: Eat, Sleep and Breathe Word Economy

Your sentences should be clear, enlightening and convincing. Take out any unnecessary words that have filtered into your content. These are known as fluff words and turn simple sentences into unnecessarily complex sentences. When you’ve finished your article, go back and check your grammar and spelling. Make sure if you’re writing for a US client – that you’ve changed the settings in Microsoft Word to US English.

Tip #3: Repetitive Word Elimination

Most copywriters have a few words – let’s call them ‘favorites’ that they use more than they should. Be aware that you have a tendency to use repetitive phrases in your articles, and check for them. When you find a few, modify them so that your article flows better. You might want to get someone else to point out these repetitive phrases, as finding them yourself can be a challenge. Once you know what they are, you can watch out for them.

Tip #4: Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

When you’re happy with your project, let somebody else edit it for you. There are always things that’s you’ll miss in your own work that somebody else will pick up immediately. Word omissions, small grammar errors and a word that should be capitalized are the usual suspects caught by a second pair of eyes. The faster you write, the more mistakes you make – so be careful to edit properly when you have an aggressive deadline up ahead.

Tip #5: Know Thy Basic Structures

Always plan what you’re going to write about. If it’s an article, then make sure there’s an introduction, followed by a few sub-headings and a conclusion. Each job may be different but there has to be structure. Take some time to learn the appropriate structures of your trade – they may not be set in stone but they are VERY valid. Web copy, articles, e-books, ad copy, scriptwriting – they all follow unique structural parameters that you should know as a great copywriter.

To be a prolific copywriter requires creative flair with words. See that you engage your audience in short clear sentences that are useful and informative. Make a point of removing inconsequential words and repetitions. Learn about the basic structures that make certain writing styles very effective. Master these easy fundamentals of copywriting, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a superstar in the field.

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