About Seo Copywriting And Its Importance

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting is the technique of writing effective text that is not only viewer friendly but targets specific search terms by placing keywords/search terms strategically within the text and other on-page elements such as title, headings, meta tags etc which optimises the chances of your webpage being ranked highly by search engines such as Google, MSN, yahoo etc because of it.

The dual purpose of copywriting for SEO is therefore to clearly increase search engine visibility which in turn increases targeted traffic to your webpage.

While it’s tough enough to come up with great web copywriting, SEO content writing is given the additional task of pleasing the search engine spiders i.e. trying to match with the criteria (algorithm) of search engines, which are always fluctuating, thereby changing the rankings of web pages accordingly.

While Search Engine copywriting is therefore not a sure shot way of keeping stable rankings, owing to constant algorithm changes made by engines now and then, it is however quite successful.

It is recommended by practitioners of copywriting for SEO to keep the word count to 250-400 viewable words per page with at least two targeted search terms used in on-page elements, as well as, strategically placed within the text.  Having relevant textual content and enough back-links i.e. links from other website’s to yours are other elements included in this method.

SEO copywriting services are aplenty but having said that it is a very expensive option. Being a specialized field in itself, hiring SEO copywriting services do not come cheap especially when there is stress on each page which can target only 1-2 search terms, the process is long and tedious.

In the competitive rush to gain top rankings in search engines, SEO copywriting in India has proved successful to a number of websites.

SEO copywriting in India is not only relatively economical but also comprehensive. It’s advisable that one take up the services of reputed SEO copywriting companies in India that provide website marketing and positioning solutions to increase your rankings.

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