Affliate or Pay-per-click Programs

Affliate or Pay-per-click Programs

The world knows that the Internet is an excellent way to generate income. Whether you are a sales company or posses a general interest, PPC affiliate programs are a powerful venue for creating income.

Here is how it works. An affiliate merchant will provide an advertisment on your site and pays everytime some clicks on the ad. Compensation is somewhere between $0.10 to $0.30 everytime there is a “clicker”. Occasionally, a merchant will require a quota. For instance they may only pay a certain price for every 1000 clicks. You may even be able to get discounts for products from the affiliate merchant.

There are two kinds of PPC affiliate programs that you can participate in. One pays a commission on the clicks (pay-per-click). Others pay commission on based on completed sales (pay-per-lead). Obviously, the first program is much more appealing since you would generate income from clicks only.

Before deciding to partner with an affiliate, always study the details. Some programs get a will evaluate the ratio of people that visit your site. If it is found that you have a very heavy traffic flow, it may actually reduce your earning power.

To start an affiliate program you must, of course, have a website. Try matching your affiliate partner with your target audience.

If you don’t have a website you can simply put up a content site. This site could be about anything you choose. Then you need to create web traffic to your site. Besure to design your site with a professional look. Place the affiliate ad in a location that visitors will see very clearly.

Another way to create traffic is to add your site link to forums, in web communities, on ezines, etc. This method requires more work, which may or may not appeal to you.

It is essential that you closely track your sites activity. Once established you may want to go to the next level by trying a two-tier affiliate program. This means you can now recruit affiliates. Then, besides the money from your website’s clicks, you will also earn a percentage of what your affiliate generates. There are companies out there that offer 30% to a soaring 50% commission on all referral sales.

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