Another Side of SEO Copywriting

Among the various Search Engine Optimization techniques, SEO copywriting has been trumpeted as one of the most effective and comprehensive techniques to get your website noticed by search engines and, if your content is worth something, by the general Internet public out there. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done because it depends largely on how good your SEO strategy is, and on the skills of your copywriter (a good copywriter will not only ensure that your pages get noticed by search engines, but also guarantee that both existing and potential clients always come back).


But like anything in life there is a flipside, a dark side if you want, to SEO copywriting. And this has to do with the areas where it becomes less effective and gives precedence to other SEO techniques. Here’s a list of “do not” situations where SEO copywriting might not be your SEO strategy of choice:


Popular Keywords can turn out to be a stick in the mud. Think sex, money, hotels, holidays, etc. Websites for these are plentiful and you can rest assured that each and every one of them wants to promote their website to the full with expert teams of copywriters and SEO strategists. Website owners and webmasters in these industries should consider some hard-line tactics to get their websites ranked among the top of the search engine results.


Content can be a big determinant factor in deciding whether SEO copywriting is the right path for you. Some websites don’t require a lot of text on their website, which means that SEO copywriting might be best considered as a passive SEO marketing technique. Think in terms of blogs and article directories that point back to your website. This is also known as ‘one way link building’ – something that can act as a catalyst in generating that search engine ranking surge you’ve been thirsting for.


Money is something just about everyone wants or, at the very least, can make some use of. This includes your copywriter and copywriters and SEO strategists of other websites. One truth you’ll have to face is that sooner or later someone will think of something a bit more clever than you did, which means that you might be on the way down in terms of search engine rankings. To combat this it is necessary to always keep your strategy up to date and focused on the search engine algorithms, which will of course make your SEO copywriter extremely happy because this means more work and more money for him/her.


But don’t despair. Employed correctly, SEO copywriting can remain an ace card that can be played again and again if your techniques and creativity is up to scratch. Nowadays search engines use various clever techniques and algorithms to separate the worthy from those who aggressively try and rank their pages at the top. Think in terms of passivity, of providing the online community with some information that turns the focus on your website, even if the website itself has no need for lots of text. Not only will this ensure a stable flow of traffic, but, combined with other techniques, it will be sure to increase the popularity of your website.

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