Business Copywriter ? Web Watching!

You may think it’s not important… you’re wrong.

Websites need as much copywriting as anything in print or other forms of mass media, including television ads, radio commercials, billboards, brochures…etc.

Why is this true now more than ever?

The world is only NOW opening it’s baby eyes to the awesome-ness of the internet.

In the entire African continent the internet penetration is less than 7%…

Can you imagine that number, think about this, less than 7% of a population of 1 billion. That’s equivalent to a “puny” 70 million.

China has only 26% of the population hooked on the internet, that’s a baby lion waiting to become king of the jungle.

India, the other lion, has a less than 10% figure. That means that 900 million people are still OFFLINE… in India alone. And it’s an English speaking country.
(figures taken from Internet World Stats)

The internet right now is in its infancy.

That’s why you’ve got to get your act together and hook your website up to proper copywriting.

Your website, your brand your name once it’s established right now will make it easier for the users in these untapped portions of the world to look at your COPY READY website and say “yes” to you.

Plus – online, it’s really super easy to get results of what’s working to convert more people into subscribers or customers.

There are tons of website tracking softwares that’ll help you figure out how people are interacting with your website.

Plus – take things to the next level, if something is working on your website, like a good headline or an offer, bring that OFFLINE and see how good it performs in the physical world.

Failure to hook your website to good copywriting means you’re losing sales, you’re losing recognition and you’re losing out on being seen as the #1 go to expert guy in your market.

So get to it already, you need great copywriting for your website…Or ELSE!.

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