Choosing a Copywriting Agency That Will Deliver

If you need quality writing designed to produce results, and do not have a copywriter on staff, outsourcing your work to a copywriting agency is an excellent option. How can you choose a copywriting agency that will deliver the results you need? The process is fairly simple if you take the time to do some investigating before you award that assignment. The writing you publish under your company’s name contributes to your company’s reputation, so make sure the money you spend results in work that reflects well on you.

Here is a handy checklist of areas to investigate when you are considering using an agency.

1.    Agency or Freelancer?

The first thing to determine when you are looking for a copywriting agency is whether or not the person who responds to your query or ad is representing an agency or is a freelancer posing as an agency. Some freelancers will represent themselves as owning or belonging to an agency to try to win more projects. Unfortunately, not all freelancers reliably produce quality work or meet required deadlines. Usually a request for more information will help you determine whether you are working with a freelancer or an agency. Any provider who is hesitant to answer your questions or provide details, such as where their offices are located, should be approached with caution.

2.    Agency Mission

Most businesses today have a mission statement, and a copywriting agency is generally no exception. When evaluating prospective providers, ask about their mission. What are their values? What do they promise to deliver? You want an agency who has a goal of providing you with the best quality writing at affordable prices.

3.    Agency Availability

How easy is it to reach the agency? Do they return emails and calls promptly? Can they answer your questions in a reasonable time frame? Especially since you may be working with providers in a different time zone, will they be readily available when you need them, not just during their typical business hours?

4.    Track Record

It is always a good idea to ask for samples of work similar to what you need before you choose a provider. If an agency has successfully completed a similar project, then there is a good chance that their work for you will be successful as well. Be wary of an agency that is unwilling to show you what kind of work they can do.

5.    Client References

Perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of information you can acquire before making your decision is the reference of former (or current) clients of the agency. Reviews can be found online for many agencies, or the agency itself may provide you with references. Ask questions about meeting deadlines, quality of work, communication, etc. Knowing how a company has dealt with other clients can help you have confidence in your decision.

Evaluating these five areas will help you choose a copywriting agency that will produce quality results for you and your company. Remember, the words your company puts out are its public face to many potential customers, so make sure you’re putting forward the best face possible. 

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