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XapAds is a fastest growing Contextual Ad Network offering Online Contextual Advertising program. Contextual Advertising means Ads are dynamically published on web pages relevant to your page content, keywords and niche.


If you are a Advertiser or Publisher then Contextual Advertising is the right advertising module for maximize your affiliate income. These contextual ads are very easy to publish on web pages.


What you have to do??


Just join a good Contextual Ad Network to place Contextual Ads on your site. After joining Ad Network you would get codes those you have to put on web pages. After this ads would display on web pages. The main advantage of contextual ads is you get highly contextual ads relevant to your page niche, content and keywords. If you change content and keywords of your pages then Ads would automatically change relevant to your page content and niche. By placing such Ads you earn maximum revenue because when visitors crawl your web pages then they would see ads in which they have interest and follow these ads to make order.


If you are a small business man and running a shop or showroom and want to increase your sales than Contextual Advertising is the right advertising program for you. Because this advertising module gives you visitors those have lot interest in your products or services.


XapAds offers variety of contextual advertising solutions including Contextual Banner Advertising, Contextual Pop Up Advertising, Contextual Pop Under Advertising, Contextual Text Advertising, Contextual PPC Advertising and Content Targeted Advertising.


XapAds, Contextual Ad Network had successfully crossed the August’s target of 25 Million Ad impressions / day. XapAds is working very hard, Adding more and more publishers to our network, so we can guarantee completely Geo-Targeted and Contextual display Ads (Banner Ads and Popups/PopUnders). The whole idea behind Xapads is to maximize the ROI for our esteemed Advertiser and Publishers like you. The company works closely with advertisers, agencies and Web publishers to plan, buy, deliver and optimize contextual campaigns across 3,500 premium publisher websites. targeting more than 120 million unique users per month.


XapAds offers maximum payouts to our Publishers and if you also want to increase your affiliate income by placing ads on your web pages so just go at XapAds and increase your affiliate income.



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