Copywriting Basics Every Marketer Needs To Know

Good Copywriting Can Be Easy

If you are willing to apply yourself and practice, you can learn to be a good copywriter. Learning to write good copy takes time and work. This explains why copywriting work is so often outsourced, especially by people who have little spare time to improve their writing skills, such as many internet marketers. It certainly can’t hurt, however, to know something about writing good copy; it can be quite useful, even for people who hire outside help for all their copywriting needs. Writing good copy is a subtle art, even though the result can often seem effortless once it appears on the page. If you want to make your own copy more effective and persuasive, try some of these tips.

A favorite for many writers is to weave a story in their copy. A lot of inexperienced marketers think the best thing is to concentrate on the product in the copy. When you tell a good story, the person becomes involved and forgets that it’s sales copy. The story needs to be something that the reader can identify with and that they feel entertained by. The ultimate goal of your copy is to achieve your most desired action from the reader, so that is the goal of your copy. If the reader cannot relate to your story, then you will not be able to get that “pulling” effect, and you’ll lose the sale.

Most products have both good and bad points; talk mostly about what’s good, but don’t completely leave out the shortcomings it may have. Make sure you make it clear that your product will be very useful to anyone who buys it. You know that there are definite benefits to using your product or services, spell these out. You want people to believe that this is a high quality product. At the same time, you don’t want to pretend that your product is flawless. It’s good to admit, if only in passing, that your product has at least one weak point. Doing this will make your potential customers trust you more People are more likely to trust an honest review that doesn’t only mention the positive. Keep in mind, however, that you should put most of your effort into telling people what’s helpful about the product!

One hallmark of amateur copywriting is to use “stiff” writing, or too much formality. You need to make a connection, so you want to talk like an everyday person. People want to buy from sellers who make them feel comfortable. You’ll see lots more sales if your readers have the feeling their talking to a long lost friend. So take a huge hint, friendly joke, and don’t write your copy in a formal tone. Sometimes formal language is necessary. Copywriting is something that contains elements of art in it. Copywriting sells everything, and even when you see sales videos they contain a script. That script could have, should have at least, been written by a copywriter. Copywriters are behind the writing in every single television commercial you see.

Sure you could hire someone to do the writing for you. So, if you do that it’s highly advisable to be able to have a basic understanding of what your copywriter is doing.

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