Copywriting Coaching Course Tips – You Will Love

If your like me you ahve read books and reports on the fact that stories sell and that they help convert like wildfire.

However, I don’t believe that’s actually true. At least not for most of the online sales copy I’ve read over the years.

After numerous million dollar promotions under my belt – and a thriving career as a copywriting coach – here’s what I teach my students in my unique copywriting program.

Copywriting Coach Conversion Rate Secret #1: Write in the context of an “abbreviated” story. Be QUICK about it. Because if you don’t, here’s what happens:

You get long-winded and it quickly becomes boring to the reader. And as I tell the students in my copywriting program – boredom is the kiss of death for a sale. If readers even begin to lose interest in what you’re saying… it’s OVER.

This is sooooo important – it’s one of the very first things I teach in my copywriting program, and my trainees area always shortening their copy all the time.
Copywriting Coach Conversion Rate Secret #2: You must use your story in a STRATEGIC manner. Do it right and you can weave many compelling stories throughout your copy. (That’s usually what I do!)

In my copywriting program, my students learn not to throw in a story just for the sake of “having it there.” They learn to quickly see where the story will have the most IMPACT, and where they can use it as a major selling point – instead of just window decoration.

Copywriting Coach Conversion Rate Secret #3: You have to RESERVE your reader. You want them to be right there with you – reading every word.

Thinking about stories in terms of “abbreviate” … “be strategic” … and “engage” is a lot different than merely thinking in terms of “offering a solution”, “explaining”, or “pleading your case”, right?

So how do your properly abbreviate your story? It’s simple, and it’s something that I heavily stress in my copywriting lessons. All you have to do is try to work out what the intended reader may need to read or think to get then to engage.

MEET this purpose, and you’re .

If you’re good at your craft, I guarantee you can take 3 or 4 lines in a story paragraph — and with a little effort — condense it to 1 short, crisp sentence.

One of the things that graduates of my copywriting coaching program carry with them is a sense of confident competence – their selling techniques are so graceful that their readers don’t even realize they’re being sold!

When you do your copy well, your followers will even be eagerly anticipating your offer and wondering what they’re going to get!

Learn how to do this here:

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