Copywriting For Beginners

There are many different advertising mediums, and those new to copywriting and business can often find it difficult to adapt to the various styles of writing required for each.

But whether you’re looking for a copywriter, or applying to become one yourself, here are some advertising basics that come along with copywriting – here are the most common advertising mediums which are used to reach out to potential clients in order to generate that much needed sales:


Brochures are sheets of paper that contain information about a certain product. Brochures help clients make informed decisions by completely describing each product and stating its benefits. Brochures can contain plenty of text, so in order for the brochure to stand up, it’s copywriting must summarize the sales pitch and must contain text that will stick “forever” in the minds of the prospects. A mixture of a catchy headline and a nice visual can catch customers’ attention, encourage them to pick it up and keep it.

Print Ads

Print ads come in numerous forms like newspaper ads, yellow page ads, flyers and newsletters. Print ads can vary from very short texts to full pages. Short texts should deliver the message powerfully in just a short text span. Newspaper ad copy should contain the right mix of images and wording to catch clients attention.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is also a form of brochure, but targets a more specific market. Direct mail packages can contain brochures, a sales letter and sometimes a response card. Sales letters should be powerful enough to appeal to the potential clients. A different copywriting technique applies to each form.

More often these days, direct mail sales letters take the form of emails. Electronic mail sales letters should have catchy subjects in order for the client to be curious enough to open it up, yet not be targeted as ‘spam’ by the clients’ email server.


When you think of copywriting as just writing and printed words, you are mistaken. Television commercials are also a part of copywriting. A good copywriter will conceptualize the commercial and write any audio as well. Even a thirty second commercial is copywritten.

In fact, because TV commercials are expensive and quite short, excellent copywriting is needed in order to make sure that the script is timed out perfectly and that the message is delivered clearly in that certain span of time. This is also the case with radio commercials.

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