Copywriting for Business

Good copywriting works because it grabs the attention of the reader and gets them to act upon the words. By contacting you the business. You need to find a copywriter that knows how to write good copy.

If you need copywriting done for your business considers the following carefully:

·         A copywriter who understands your subject and your business.

·         A copywriter who uses the right language for your target market.

·         A copywriter that gets results from the copy they write.

·         A copywriter who writes clearly, concisely and uses the right voice for your business.

·         A copywriter that knows the power of words.

·         A copywriter that knows how to grab the readers attention.

Whether you are considering a sales letter, website, advert, brochure, or whatever you are using – you need to make sure that your marketing material has the right selling message for your target market.

Your marketing material insn’t there to win an award. It’s there because you need to sell your product and services. How often do you get something through the post you haven’t asked for and then it’s a weak message, half the time you have no idea what they are selling and it’s easy to through the marketing material in the shredder.

Don’t forget on average you have 3 to 4 seconds to get your potential customers attention. Use copy wisely.

Mark Pocock is an experienced direct response copywriter. To read more articles and to discover how you can benefit from Mark’s expertise go to Or visit his blog at:


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