Copywriting: The Big Copywriting Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales

Are your copywriting mistakes killing your sales? Well, before you can answer this question you have to know what copywriting is. This is known as the process of writing ads and articles that promote an idea, whether it is a person or a business. The whole idea behind copywriting is to persuade the person who is reading it. So now that you have a better understanding of what copywriting is, you can now clearly identify any problems that may be killing your sales. So lets take a look.

The first big mistake is the most common. Whenever people are copywriting, they tend to focus on the business or the advertiser. This is not going to persuade anyone to try your product or use your service. You have to think about how the product is going to relate to the consumer, not to the advertiser. Thus, you need to focus on the consumer, not the advertiser!

Of course, it does matter who you are advertising to. Another deadly copywriting mistake is when companies use bad headlines that do not grab the attention of the person reading it. This is a very big sales killer. If your ad is next to another company (that is selling the same product), and their ad “jumps” out more, people are going to click on that ad. Thus, you are killing your sale before you even have a chance to make one. Think of your headline as the sales pitch to get the prospect to read the whole ad.

The next big mistake that people are doing when copywriting is that they are putting too much information together. The information needs to be broken up into short, readable sets of information. That is why it’s always good to use things like bullets to list your information. People do not like to read very much online, and they usually only end up skimming over information. This means that they are not going to read everything you have to say if you do not break it up a little bit.

Last, but not the least, you need to know that copywriting should flow like a normal conversation. It should not have a whole bunch of to much impressive words, because you are just going to lose your customer. They need to see that they are buying from a person just like them. Not many people walk around and use big words while they are talking to their friends. What would you rather buy from, an ad that uses only big words or an ad that felt real, like it came from the heart. I think the answer is easy to see!

If your copywriting skills are poor, it may be a good idea to hire a professional copywriter. Having great copy is the single most important factor that will decide if your business will prosper or fail miserably.
Double check your own sales copy and eliminate these copywriting mistakes. You will thank yourself later. I promise!

To Your Success!

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