Copywriting: The Creative Career That Sells

Copywriting like all areas of writing requires an original voice and a very creative mind. It’s a copywriter’s job to come up with eye-catching copy that helps persuade us as consumers to buy particular goods or services. And it’s not as easy as it may seem to come up with the snappy lines we find ourselves quoting when we think of a given product.

The work of a copywriter can be extremely varied. Assignments may include writing slogans and snappy taglines, as well as longer copy for brochures or leaflets. All areas of the media call on the services on these types of writers like TV and magazines. They also write copy for many other types of material such as press releases.

Copywriters can get paid very handsomely for their work. But they have to put the work in and there is a lot of competition. Those with years in the field, at the top of the game certainly reap the rewards financially. And the work can be very stimulating and offer a lot of job satisfaction.

Those on the highest salaries are usually those working in advertising agencies. The companies make a lot of money as do those who work for them. Copywriters are an integral part of the creative team and without their persuasive words, advertising campaigns simply would not work.

Advertising companies are not the only places that copywriters can find work. Practically all promotional copy is written by this type of writer from short leaflets, press releases or a larger document like a brochure. In fact, most companies will call on the services of a copywriter at some point. So there’s always work out there for talented copywriters.

Some companies will only need the occasional document or similar written and choose to use freelancers, rather than employing someone full time. A lot of copywriters make their living without even leaving the house. They can communicate with their clients by phone or online and submit their work electronically.

Copywriting is a very specialist writing career. Those who are interested in getting into this field will normally need to do some training or take qualifications in order to be considered for any positions. The internet is a good source for finding out about what you need to know and there are also lots of courses online. Many education centers, like colleges also offer general writing courses as well as those that cater for the would be copywriter.

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