Copywriting ? The Right Words Hit Home

Copywriting is a skill that will encourage the reader to want to know more, readers make snap decisions based on a quick scan of a headline and unless the Copywriting skills craft an excellent headline they will move on to something else.  The purpose of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the reader, to act, either to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint.

A spokesman for Hannah Print said “Copywriting includes slogans, leaflets, adverts, and of course Web content is fast becoming big business.  Our professional copywriters listen and understand the customers business and will interpret their sales message, so it isn’t necessary for the Copywriter to know the product intimately”, he went on to say “good marketing isn’t just about image, strong well constructed marketing copy can do it for you”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Copywriting for search engines is the art of writing web page copy that appeal to human readers, but also specific search terms that people look for in Search Engines, these search engines have become much more sophisticated, so solid copy writing is more important than ever. If the purpose of Copywriting is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a Content writer, and will include among its objectives the higher ranking in search engines.  This practice involves the placement and repetition of keywords on web pages.

Copywriting can appear in direct mail pieces, taglines, jingle lyrics, television or commercial scripts, press releases and many other marketing communications media.  A Copywriter usually works hand in glove with a creative team and has ultimate responsibility for textual content, this will often include receiving the copy information from the client.  


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