Easiest Copywriting Technique For Network Marketers To Master

The written word has been used for centuries by advertising giants around the world to sell everything imaginable including the Network Marketing industry.  Words can be employed to showcase your leadership, your products and your opportunity.  That is why copywriting is an extremely important skill to learn if you want to be successful in any online Network Marketing business.

Great copywriting skills take years to learn and are always evolving but there is an easy way for an everyday person to stand out even with all the advertising noise online and get noticed their first day at the computer.

All they need to do is tell a story.

Everyone loves to hear and share a good story so, use that to your advantage.

Think about the last time you heard a good story.  It was enjoyable, it felt real, it had people in it just like you, it had a funny, controversial or emotional side to it and it was easy for you to retell to your friends or family.

By using good storytelling tactics in your marketing efforts your “tale” will be more likely to spread virally for you and will be easily remembered by any one who reads it.

Good commercials do this all the time.  Some of the most memorable ads have been simple 30 second stories.  We can all remember the phone commercial with the family talking long distance for the first time or the McDonalds commercial with dad putting the fries in the trunk so he didn’t eat them on the way home.  These ads are effective because they tell a story while they are selling something.  The sales pitch gets lost in the story but when it is over, you still know what it is they were selling.

So when you sit down to write an article, a blog post, an email or shoot a video remember to use storytelling to your advantage.  Connect with your readers in an emotional way through your own personal experiences, good or bad, funny or sad.

It is the easiest, most compelling way to make your written words stand out in the crowd and get your sales pitch noticed.

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