Effective Emotions For SEO Copywriting

You probably know by now that emotions are an effective spice for SEO copywriting. They can make even the dullest, most unoriginal product seem positively crucial to the average reader. That’s how they can generate results that are so immediate: the readers spend less time rationalizing and more time trying to get whatever it is you’re selling. However, you can only get such benefits if you manage to use all the right emotions. Here are two of them that you can start trying out for your own content.


Unless you’re trying to sell your product to some paragon of virtue, there’s a greedy side to the person that you can exploit. This is where you should be able to promote the benefits of your product.

Make it seem like the reader can get benefits that are worth much more than what they’re paying. It’s true that some people are wary of too-good-to-be-true offers, but good enough writing can override that and get them clicking right away.

You can also make it look as if the reader will be getting advantages and benefits that nobody else will get. To exploit this little psychological tic, use comparisons against other products and then make it look as if your item is the clear winner.


Another very basic emotion, fear can also be effective when used in SEO copywriting. No, you won’t tell your readers that Freddie Kruger will hunt them down unless they buy your stuff. However, you’ll be preying on a very similar set of feelings.

‘Limited time offers’ use fear to encourage people to buy. The company makes people afraid that the good offer won’t be there the next day, which makes them decide quicker. And when you give people that kind of pressure to decide, they often do so with a might-as-well mindset, and thus end up buying.

You can even put fear and greed together for even more effective SEO copywriting. Make your offer sound like it’s a limited time deal, and then tell your readers how their neighbors will gain a great advantage over them if they don’t buy right away. It adds pressure on the reader and sales for you.

Writing Right Away

At this point, you probably already want to try out what emotional writing can do for your sales copy. But if you’re not an experienced literary and copywriter, you may just want to entrust this job to a professional copywriting company.

One risk of this method is that your readers can see through the ruse if your copy isn’t written well enough, and will be less likely to buy once they do. Once your readers begin reading through your copy, they should either give in to their emotions and buy, or rationalize their way out of the purchase. They shouldn’t be able to analyze through the writing and see what you’re really appealing to.

That’s exactly why you’ll want to leave the task to a professional copywriting team or company. Writers there usually have lots of experience in literary as well as copy writing, and can combine both for effective emotional copy.

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