Freelance Copywriting Jobs – Get Started Hassle Free

Have you been trying to find freelance copywriting jobs? Do you think you would be good at it? Do you know what copywriting is?

Copywriting is writing content for websites, which is designed to sell the visitor on the benefits of the website. This may be a product or service or download etc. A web designer will physically put the content on the website, and a copywriter will write the sales pitch. There is an art to copywriting, with a lot of research gone into what works and what doesn’t. A copywriter doesn’t just write sales pitches, they write any content which is designed to make the reader read further, or click top a different page and explore the site further.

A good copywriter will always be in demand, because everyone who has built a website knows that there are many small things which will get more conversions. Most people simply don’t have that skill, or haven’t got the time to research it.

Once you have got some skill in copywriting, you will want to take that skill to the world and get paid for it. This is where most people struggle making full use of their skills. Maybe you have done some internet marketing and built your own sites. Maybe you did some courses on it or did it at uni. However you got the skill, you now need to effectively freelance your work, to make the most use of your skill.

One way of doing this is to setup your own businesses and website, and get people to find your site and then do work for them. This is basically internet marketing, with your copywriting skills as the product. This is fine, if you are good at internet marketing.

If you don’t have experience in internet marketing, you can find websites such as or, and bid on jobs available at those sites. The downside to this is that you have to have a portfolio of work already done, before many people or businesses will accept your submissions. Bidding on jobs is also time consuming, which takes away from the profitable work you could be doing to earn yourself money.

A third way to approach getting freelance copywriting jobs is to join up with a freelance home writers website. They provide training on how to do the basic things you need to do, the practical things, and they also have a central place where you can choose from thousands of jobs which people want doing. Businesses and individuals are prepared to pay top dollar from these sites, because they know they will get top quality work. At any good quality freelance writer site, they will give you a risk free trial period, so that you can evaluate the service they provide. This will ensure that you will be getting the kind of service you expect, without paying up front membership fees.


Remember that whichever way you choose, the only way to really get ahead on the internet is to put in some hard work, and focus on the task at hand. Anyone who does this will very soon overtake anyone who jumps around from area to area. Good Luck


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