How Do Display Ads Build Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is always important when you talk about marketing. Before you could make any sale of your product, you have to establish your brand. An established brand gives your product an authority in the market. But how will you do that? There are actually a lot of ways to promote brand awareness. It can be considered the hardest part of marketing because it’s difficult to measure the return on your investment.

One way to promote brand awareness is through display ads. Display advertising typically contains text, logos, images and similar items. Display ads are so called because you can actually display them anywhere in contrast to classified ads which appears in a distinct area. One common form of display ads are billboards. Display ads makes consumers recognize the existence and availability of your product or service.

Display advertising has proved to be quite effective in promoting brand awareness. For example, you may have seen first the brand f your phone on billboards. Think how much what you have seen on display ads have influenced your choices. Generally, display ads are not required to contain images, audio or video, but are used to make ads more effective.

Display advertising as a form of internet marketing may appear on web pages in many forms. Web banners are the common example of it. These are purposely made for viewers to click on the ads and generate sales. But even if these ads are not clicked on, still it gives you sense for posting it. The repeated exposure of these ads on web pages generates positive feeling towards the brand. There were actually searches done to prove this positive effect.

Exposure of your brand is much needed. With the use of display advertising in the internet, despite the lack of clicks on it, you still had your chance to expose your brand. The repeated exposure of your ads fosters familiarity. Viewers may not click on it as they see it but in the case when they need a product, most likely they will think of your brand.

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