How To Keep Keywords In Check For SEO Copywriting

Keyword density is one of the bigger challenges that you have to face when implementing any SEO strategy. You don’t maximize your SEO copywriting if you use too few of those keywords, while you risk getting penalized by the search engines (Google in particular) if you use too much. For most SEO implementers and web masters, the trouble is with striking that perfect balance. Here are a few tips for finding that safe ground where you maximize your content and minimize penalties at the same time.

Stick to Tradition

The SEO community is one with a very long memory span: many SEO forum members can remember trends up to half a decade back. And for the longest time, SEO practitioners have been using a time-honored number for the keyword density in their website content.

Generally, the ‘safe’ number you’ll see most Internet marketers use falls between 3% and 5%. With a density like that, it’s almost impossible for your content pages to get penalized for keyword stuffing. That’s a pretty big advantage of sticking to the tried-and-tested number; your pages stay relatively safe despite changes in the ranking algorithm, which tend to come pretty often with the search engines.

Market and Market Alike

There’s a wide array of free SEO analysis tools nowadays, and they offer you an alternative way to answer the keyword density question. After all, you don’t necessarily have to use the analysis tools on your own pages.

Sites that make it to Page 1 on any search engine are usually the ones with the ideal combination: lots of content, innumerable one way links and – not least of all – just the right concentration of keywords. The fact that those pages are among the Top 10 results means that they must be doing something right, something that you should be doing yourself.

Aim those analytical applications at the Top 10 pages and see for yourself how much they use keywords. Now, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up with a normal distribution of values instead of a single number when you look at all the search results on Page 1. Just pick the average or the number that’s at the very middle, and you should do fine.

The Professional Touch

Of course, the easiest way to take all the guesswork out of any SEO campaign is to just get a professional marketing company to take care of SEO copywriting for you. Those companies already have their own established methods for finding the keyword density that’s needed to get you to Page 1. And having all those professional copywriters on your side won’t hurt, either.

A professional marketing company is also a worthy investment because you get to pay for their experience in the field. It may not sound like much, but experience counts for a lot when you’re trying to preempt the changes that will happen with the next ranking algorithm. SEO is a battle, and the victor is usually the one with the better prepared strategy.

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