Importance of Correct Copywriting for Search Engine Optimization

Correct copywriting for Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is a very difficult task even for us experts. Before we send out any content for SEO copywriting our SEO copywriters go over multiple drafts and have several people look at it. SEO copywriting requires a fine balance of including keywords, remembering your target audience and not trying to sound too corporate. A good SEO copywriter can do this, often under the tightest of time constraints.

Just like in this article, good SEO copywriting keeps the main points at the top of the article. The bottom half is where ideas can be expanded but it is very important to highlight the key points in the beginning.

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization:

Keywords can be found in two places on a web page either in the meta tag or in the body content. The importance of meta keywords is still up for debate but they are a crucial part of quality SEO copywriting. A good SEO copywriter will be able to include the keywords throughout the content with out the reader knowing. Keywords should have relevance to the page, if there is no connection to the content then you attracting visitors to your site who you do not want.

Importance of Remembering Your Target Audience in SEO Copywriting:

A good SEO copywriter will always keep in mind the target audience. Think about what information is on your webpage. If the page is informational, make sure that it is organized and easy to read. Headlines and headers are a great way to organize information on a webpage. If the page is trying to sell something, try to include call to action statements so that the customer will feel motivated to do something.

Staying Away from Corporate Style Language:

Short and sweet on the web is perfectly acceptable. Too many adjective or hyperboles can sound cheesy. A good SEO copywriter will stay away from jargon terms. If it necessary to include industry phrases make sure you properly introduce them, for example in this article, SEO was first mentioned as Search Engine Optimization so that unfamiliar readers would be able to follow along.

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