In a Network Marketing Business Copywriting Skills Are NOT an OPTION

Copywriting is the lifeblood of your business. There are many ways to set up websites and to drive traffic and to do other parts of a home based business but everything will depend on your copywriting skills.

The reason for this is, if you are in a home based business, direct sales, network marketing, MLM, Internet marketing or any other online business, you are in MARKETING and that means SALES.

That means every part of your business must be “sold.” How effective each part of your business is depends on how well you learn good copywriting skills. Your marketing campaigns will only work as well as their weakest link.

If your pay-per-click ads or article writing campaigns or classified ads or any other traffic generation methods you use are weak you won’t get clicks on your links.

If your capture page has weak copy you won’t get their contact info or “conversions.” If your sales letter is weak nobody will purchase your products or services and you won’t recruit any distributors.

Everything about your business comes down to your copywriting skills and how well you can “sell.” A great headline sells them on whether they should even look at your advertisement. A sub headline or first sentence will have to convince them to keep reading.

They will not join you or buy from you unless you can explain the reasons the should. You must be able to inform them your product is credible and will be what they want with your words or copy.

Your copy will have to convince them the value of your offer far outweighs the price you are asking. It will also be important to make them believe there are no negatives associated with your product or service and you will have to convince them to take action NOW.

Even an email will call on your skills starting with the subject line which will have to get them to open the message. You could lose them in the first sentence with out a wow factor and then you have to get them to take action in the body or all the rest will have been for nothing.

Even a training site for new distributors will need strong copy to convince them to get started right away. It will also have to show them the benefits of following the system and why they need to learn about the products.

In marketing, you can take NOTHING for granted. Your copywriting skills and your ability to sell with words must be used in EVERYTHING you do and it never stops!

You have to take the approach that everyone you communicate with is a lazy couch potato and has to be convinced to pay attention to you and inspired to take action so they will receive a substantial benefit. You can’t just ask or tell them to take action, you have to explain the benefits they will receive if they do.

A lot of network marketers make the huge mistake of doing the same things over and over because they are sold on what they are doing. You have to realize everyone doesn’t feel the same as you.

Copywriting is defined a “salesmanship in print” which means you can sell whatever you want with written words so you can leverage your time. Instead of using the phone, TV, radio, or selling in person you have a sales pitch that others can find through their searches online.

If you are to achieve success in your business and true wealth you MUST have a way to leverage your time. Copywriting is the key to this leverage and it is a skill that is learned like any other skill.

Learning it will give you the tremendous power to generate countless money. You will be able to recruit distributors and make sales at will.

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