Keeping Your Balance And The Art Of Copywriting

It is an idea that has often been repeated – you just can’t make everybody happy all of the time.

This is so true when it comes to the balancing act between writing that gets picked up by search engines and writing that is meaningful to readers.

A professional copywriter will be able to steer a course through the pros and cons of each writing style and achieve a positive balance effectively.

This is not done without some effort, however. Each paragraph has to have balance between SEO optimization and the interests of readers. It is not simply piling one paragraph onto another without regard for either persuasive copywriting or search engine optimization. Both of these styles and goals must coexist comfortably and reasonably.

This kind of writing has some very real needs and characteristics.

Relevance is Number 1

This kind of writing must be relevant on two different levels. One level is that the writing provides needed or sought after information for the reader. The second level is relevance that improves the website’s visibility to search engines.

Careful Use of Keywords

Keyword density is crucial. Without density, the article will become less and less visible to the search engines. However, using keywords too frequently will not improve the website’s ranking in searches. A good copywriter will be able to create the right level of density without artificially increasing use of keywords.

Sales Copywriting

Writing articles for press releases and general information is important to a company as they advertise and sell their services and products. These pieces are written and released on a regular basis. Again, this is where the talents and abilities of professional copywriters come into play as they can weave together a sales document with SEO requirements.

Thou Shalt Not Plagiarize

Good sites do not copy from others. One of the fastest ways to lose credibility is to have someone find plagiarism on your site. Each article you post must be unique. Someone finding the results of someone posting someone else’s work will not go unnoticed. It is easy to find a plagiarized article. Experienced writers can create unique content, no matter how many times they have written something on the same topic.


Any article published as content on the Internet to sell goods and services is also written to be picked up by search engines. Good articles will weigh these two purposes equally, realizing that both functions are important, but that revenue from sales pays the bills.

Optimizing an article to create visibility to search engines is absolutely crucial. No visibility, no one sees the website, no customers purchase the goods or services. No one purchasing goods and services, however, is not good either. Professional copywriters and copywriting companies will work continually to keep these two goals in balance.

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