Make Money Online – Pay Per Click Advertisements

A lot of people strive everyday to make ends meet. Working the 9-5 can be stressful and one can wish to break free from it, and be able to pursue their true goals. A way people started to do this and make money online, was by pay per click advertisements.

People jumped at the opportunity to make money online using PPC ads. If you built a website or blog, you could display pay per click advertisements on it, and if someone were to click on an ad you would be paid. Unlike affiliate marketing where the person has to make a purchase in order for you to make money online, with pay per click advertisements one simply needs to wait for someone to click on an ad and they have made money online.

Another difference between the 2 is that in affiliate marketing since it’s pay is based on purchases made the commission is much larger, say a $100 product and the % of commission is 30% you just made $33 and change. When it comes to pay per click, one click can pay out anywhere from $.15(cents) – $100 depending on the niche your covering. Usually you get paid cents per click.

In affiliate marketing pay is determined by purchase so the number of clicks your link gets is irrelevant if no purchase is made. With pay per click what determines pay is simply a click on the link, and about 30 seconds of navigation in the page.

You can sign up to pay per click networks and make an account with them. Once you make an account you can start making your ads. You can choose a size for the ad unit, color and some networks allow you to choose which advertiser you want to display and which ones you don’t. If you have a website or blog, then pay per click advertisements can be a great way for you to make money online from. Join a pay per click network and start making money online today.


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