Making Money Online: Choose a Copywriter To Help You Become Successful On The Internet

Hiring a copywriter who will help you reach the success you want in your online business can be a challenge, even to experienced marketers. You will want someone who understands what works online and who will have a system for learning what works in your own business. As a copywriter,

I have worked with clients from diverse industries, ranging in experience from newbie to veteran. Here are the recommendations I would make to anyone who is considering hiring a copywriter to attract more clients and revenue in their Internet business.

(1) Look for a copywriter who has a system in place to work with new clients, such as a questionnaire or a diagnostic. This step is important because many talented copywriters get bogged down in the early phases of a project. And most clients need structure to be sure they contribute to the process.

(2) Choose your copywriter by working together on a small project, such as a diagnostic or website critique. You’ll get a sense of how she thinks or how he interprets your ideas. Proposals and free consultations rarely are useful to predict a productive working relationship.

(3) Get ready to help your copywriter do a great job for you. Some clients pay a copywriter to research their target markets. Others want a “hired gun” who just comes in and writes. If you just need copywriting, be prepared to answer detailed questions about what your market wants and will buy.

(4) Organize your information into one package to send your copywriter. Once your copywriter starts writing, even a small change can have a huge impact. Your copywriter may be unable to incorporate your new ideas or you may be charged for additional work.

(5) Create a web design that supports your copywriter’s words. Even the most brilliant copy won’t work if you write your content in italics or center your body copy. Choosing blue type on a blue background will make sure nobody reads the words you paid for.

(6) Recognize that your copywriters will be targeting your audience, who may be quite different from you, your family and your personal friends. Even clients who know you well will not respond to the copy the same way a prospect would.

Live with the copy, make sure the facts are accurate and then go live. It’s tempting to spend weeks and months trying to make everything perfect. But you won’t know what really works till you test the responses of your website visitors.

(7) Implement your project quickly. Every day you delay, you leave money on the table. Often my clients get stalled because of delays by the web designer or another member of the team. Most online copywriters know reliable, competent designers and developers. They can help you see your project to the finish line.

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