Making Money Online with Pay Per Click Search Engines

Making Money Online with Pay Per Click Search Engines

It is not surprising if online entrepreneurs ask if its true that sales conversion from Pay per click Search engine traffic is as good as what everyone is talking about. Well, as true as it seems, it is now a fact that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines is one of the most powerful advertising methods available online which provides very targeted traffic. Pay-Per-Click is a fast growing industry accounting for 30% online advertising in the year 2003. This industry is predicted to be worth 7 billion dollars by 2007. Pay-Per-Click search engines are growing in popularity due to the following reasons:

Very Targeted Traffic.

First and foremost, it’s a ready targeted traffic source for advertisers. Advertisers only pay for a targeted audience that is ready to buy your products. Like Spidering search engines, the traffic represents people or prospects who are searching using specific keywords. Therefore, it can’t be argued that the traffic from Pay-Per-Click search engines are very targeted depending on how niche the keywords you choose to advertise in.

You pay for guaranteed traffic only.

In Pay-Per-Click search engines, as the name implies, advertisers pay only for the traffic sent to their site. For each click that the advertiser’s listings have received, the advertiser pays a bid amount. For example, if you as an advertiser bids $0.10 for a listing position in a Pay-Per-Click search engine, every hit that your listing gets and the visitor is sent to your registered site, you will be charged $0.10. For a period of time, if a thousand visitors click on your listings and are sent to your site, you would be debited $100 for $0.10 per visitor.

Control of ranking position

In most Pay-Per-click search engines, the position of your listings in any particular keyword results page is predetermined by the amount you bid for. The higher you bid, the higher listing position your listing will get. As you are able to bid for the position in a PPC, to a high extent, you have the control to where or which position you want your advertisement link to be placed in the Search Results Page. To advertisers, they would want to bid for the highest positions they can afford. This is because like Spidering search engines and directories, the higher postioned listings will receive more traffic.

Rapid setup

Another great advantage of using Pay-Per-Click search engines is that the setup can be fast. Setup and account approval can vary from a few days to even a few hours. Imagine your website having the potential to receive very targeted traffic in just a matter of hours or days.

Cheap niche targeted traffic

You may think that such traffic from Pay-Per-Click search engines can be very expensive especially with very general, popular and high volume keywords. This may be true but for niche or more specific keywords, where the traffic is even more targeted, the top bidding prices may be very low. In some cases, the prices are as low as a penny. Compare this low cost and very targeted traffic to the cost of sending expensive offline advertisement paper fliers.

For all these reasons, it is small wonder that the Pay-Per-Click search engines are considered by many as the “Untapped market”! Let’s take a look at some tips and strategies when you use Pay-Per-Click search engines.

Tip 1. Relevant keywords.

The most fundamental concept in keyword bidding in any type of Pay-Per-Click search engines is to choose keywords that are relevant. If you choose the wrong keywords to bid for, all your time and advertising money will be wasted. Your targeted prospects are searching for your website through the keywords that best reflect or describe your products and services. If you have chosen irrelevant keywords, you may only pay for the visitors that are not looking for your type of products or services; hence, a waste of your advertising money. Visitors from relevant keywords bring higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates mean more sales made over the specified amount of traffic sent to your website.

Tip 2. Avoid expensive general keywords.

Try to avoid expensive general keywords. True enough, these popular general keywords may generate high volume traffic but the traffic has a lower percentage of targeted prospects. Furthermore, the top bids for these general keywords will be very expensive. On the other hand, specific and targeted niche keywords will be cheaper for the top positions. After all, specific targeted keywords will bring you higher conversion rates as the niche keywords better describe the products and services the listed advertisers offer. Hence the targeted keywords filter off uninterested visitors that may waste your advertising money.

Tip 3. Attain volume from variety.

By choosing more niche targeted keywords that are cheaper, we can easily gain top positions in these niche keywords. However, these niche targeted keywords may not carry as much traffic as achievable by general or popular keywords . Therefore, to solve this, you advertise in as many relevant niche targeted keywords as possible. Variations of the niche targeted keywords that may all have the same meaning can also be used. This will also help to bring in more traffic. You need not just advertise in one Pay-Per-Click search engine, but also duplicate the advertising campaigns in as many Pay-Per-Click search engines as possible. Maintaining these efforts, you ultimately preserve the goal of having low cost yet targeted traffic and achieve a respectable volume of good quality visitors.

Tip 4. Use relevant description and keywords in your advert listings.

You would want the description of your advert listings posted in Pay-Per-Click search engines to be as accurate as possible in describing what you offer. Your advert listings are placed in the Results pages with other competitor adverts, so your Advert listing description has to be more attractive to the searchers. Thus, you need to layout your precise benefits to the searchers using convincing and relevant words and terms. It will also be a good idea to use the exact relevant keywords within your description as these tend to capture the attention of the searchers who are interested in your products and services. Try to avoid using superlatives. Why? Words like “Best” and “Greatest” are statistically proven to reduce quality visitors rather than attract them to click on your listings. Most Pay-Per-Click search engines disallow advertisers from using superlatives anyway.

There are hundreds of Pay-Per-Click search engines on the Web today. How do

you go around choosing those that you need? The following factors can be used

in your evaluation process.

Low Initial Set Up Cost.

Make sure that the Pay-Per-Click does not ask for too high an initial set up cost, which is non-refundable. You do not want to advertise in too few advertising sources. Remember the saying,”Don’t put all your eggs in just one basket”? It applies to this as well. Diversify your advertising money to many advertising sources including several Pay-Per-Click search engines.

Traffic Volume.

Find out what the search traffic going through your needed keywords in the concerned Pay-Per-Click search engine is. There should be enough traffic for you to even consider using it. In general, there is no fixed standard on exactly how much traffic is sufficient. Comparatively, it should be at the volume that meets your budget.

Customer Service.

Does the Pay-Per-Click search engine respond fast to your questions?

Time Taken for your Adverts to be reviewed and posted.

Time is money. You wouldn’t want to wait for more than a few days before your Advert listings get posted.

Provided Tools.

There should be simple bidding tools for you to utilize so that your bidding with the Pay-Per-Click system is made easy and automated.

Partnership Deals.

Some Pay-Per-Click search engines have partnership deals that tie themselves up with other search engines. Therefore, if you advertise on top spots of these Pay-Per-Click search engines, your advert would also show up in other major search engines. Look out for these partnership deals. Embarking in them can prove to be rewarding in your advertising campaigns.

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