Pay Per Call Vs. Pay Per Click

The idea behind pay per click is to drive visitors to your website with a portion of them making some type of desired action such as a purchase or filling our a form for more information. Many service related sites or those that sell high end products use pay per click advertising to drive visitors knowing that it will take a phone call or personal meeting to close the sale. For example, the visitor may fill out a form requesting more information. The sales person then calls that prospect (lead) to discuss the product or service. The worst part is that he or she may not even make contact with the prospect since people become busy or have already purchased through someone else. Finally, out of the prospects that he has reached by phone, he can then finally get his message across and start to make the sale. That’s a a lot of money spent on clicks just to make phone contact with one prospect.

With pay per call, you eliminate these two steps and jump straight to talking to a prospect that has called you. Just the very action of someone calling you instead of you calling them creates a prospect that has a more immediate interest in what you have to offer.

Pay per call can even be less costly than pay per click advertising. Many small businesses find it difficult to use the pay per click services after wasting countless hours. This brings me to the savings a business can realize in manpower required to manage pay per click campaigns. With pay per call, you don’t need to manage anything. You simply pick up the phone during business hours. Prospect Direct Marketing provides this cutting edge pay per call service and will even pay for a call center to take your calls after hours. You don’t even pay for 800 toll charges which are typically incurred. Prospect Direct is an all inclusive pay per call marketing company that handles everything, leaving you to devote more time to your clients.

This service works best for businesses that offer a higher end product or service that typically requires phone contact prior to making the sale. Pay per call is becoming popular with professionals such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage companies, and real estate agents. Many other businesses can benefit from pay per call if they have a business in which they primarily make a sale by phone or in person. Pay per call can be segmented by region down to major metropolitan area so even sales agents that meet with local clients can enjoy this type of marketing.

Pay per call is a newer technology that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of publicity just yet. Once more people start to realize the benefits of paying per call, the costs could increase as demand increases. But for now, this is a hidden treasure for those that get in early. The Kelsey Group, a market research firm, estimates that pay per call will become a $1.4 billion to 4 billion dollar industry by 2009. That would roughly parallel the recent growth of pay per click advertising which jumped from $100 million in 2000 to $3.1 billion last year, according to Jupiter Research. Remember when pay per click rolled out about 10 years ago and you could pay 1/5 for the same key word today?

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