Pay Per Click Management


Pay Per Click or PPC is also known as paid search marketing. It is a type of online advertising in which the advertiser pays the search engine (eg Google, Yahoo and MSN) for every visitor. Sometimes the cost per click becomes exorbitant, yet for its wide utility (in attracting visitors), it is universally used.


Why Pay Per Click?


Pay Per Click advertising is a form of paid search marketing. This is a form of advertisement in which the advertisers bid for the spots where they want to place their advertisements in the search engine (like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc). In a simpler sense, the highest bidder gets the highest spot for a specific keyword.


At present all the major search engines have their Pay Per Click Advertising. For example, Adwords of Google, Overture of Yahoo and Adcenter of MSN which appears at the top right of your search engine are all PPC Advertisements.


Who requires Pay Per Click Advertisement?

There is a basic difference between organic search engine optimization and Pay Per Click Advertisement. While the organic search engine optimization (done by human takes a lot of time) Pay Per Click Advertisement is less time consuming and effective at the same time. With the popularity of Google, Yahoo and MSN Pay Per Click Advertisements, all the major search engines are now opting for it. This helps in attracting targeted traffic and thus the publicity of the website is increased.


Function of Pay Per Click Management:

Fast way of driving traffic: The function of the Pay Per Click Management is to attract traffic immediately. It is an alternative method of search engine optimization; whereas in the former, no cost is associated, here you need to pay per click to get the desired traffic within a short period of time.

Effective management of PPC by being familiar with website: In order to manage the PPC effectively, understanding the particular network, its various methodologies and practices, and familiarity of the network is required. This can be acquired through practices and a vigorous study of its search parameters. Professional PPC managers can do this quite easily.



Budget and geographic location of target traffic: PPC offers a wide market reach by identifying the ideal search engine. This is done by analyzing your budget and by geographic location of the target traffic.



Persuasive ad copies: Another function of the PPC management is to write moving advertisement copies to draw targeted traffic.



Monitoring your campaign: An important function of the PPC management is to monitor your campaigns and improve your search engine results.




Pay Per Click also guarantees the following:


Authentic Account Rep

Efficient Keyword Analysis

Money Back Guarantee

Expert Campaign Analysis

Weekly* or Monthly PPC Management Account Meetings

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