PPC Marketing ? Website Promotion

If you have decided that PPC marketing looks interesting to you, then this article will be of help to you. I’m going to be talking about using PPC marketing for website promotion so if this is what your looking for, your in luck.

Your first job is define who your target market actually are. Whether you are targeting men or women can make a large difference to your advertising approach, and also many PPC marketing services offer targeting by gender location and even age. By targeting the correct group of people, you maximise your chance for a successful PPC campaign.

After targeting your add you need to decide whether you think you will do better through search engine advertising or include content based search. Search by content is the display of your ads on websites than are deemed appropriate. Some times you will even have the option of targeting individual websites to display your ads on, as is the case with Google’s Adwords. This will dependant on your PPC provider though, so varies from provider to provider.

The next thing to do is decide on whether to do image ads or plain text. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of online advertising I suggest test ads, because they are far cheaper to use, so less likely to waste money while your learning .

Make sure the domain name you are promoting is a good choice. If you are trying to promote a domain name that doesn’t match with your keywords, your quality score will drop and this will lower your advertising display position.

I always make absolutely sure my website has good content at this point, as if your promoting something that doesn’t sell itself your just wasting your time. Make sure your website promotion is selling its unique benefits instead of discussing technical aspects, as this is what will turn a viewer into a buyer.

As long as I’m sure its worth going ahead with the site as is, I go and check the competition level for different search terms. The easiest way of doing this is with Google Adwords own keyword checker, and you’ll find this under tools. The keyword tool tells you how many searches each search term has per month, whilst giving you an idea about the level of competition.

Make sure that the cost of a click through to your website promotion is worth the amount it would cost to get the click, and provided that checks out your good to go.

Next you are going to need to work out how much you money you can spend on your PPC campaign. I always think of this as the initial test money, as a successful PPC campaign will obviously have much of the profits reinvested.

This brings me to what to do if you have a successful campaign. What I do is reinvest 75% of the profit generated, as this gives me the best chance of growth, whilst still maintaining actual profit. You may have a different percentage in mind, but I do advise you to plan ahead here. Reinvesting everything, or keeping all the profits are both short sighted PPC marketing plans.

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