Qualities That Makes a Good SEO Copywriter

Let’s talk about what an SEO copywriter is for just a moment.  A copywriter, by definition, is a person who promotes a business or company.  Ideally, a copywriter is someone who has experience in undertaking promotional situations, such as for print, TV, radio or website.  This type of job differs from a newspaper writer or freelance writer.  The difference is not only in the lack of objectivity involved in copy writing, but also because marketing copy usually involves persuasive writing.  Copywriting is all about persuading or dissuading a reader to come to a conclusion—that is, that the advertised product is indeed the “right” decision. 

Years ago, copywriting was largely associated with marketing services, advertising companies and publicity agents.  Nowadays, the popularity of the Internet and advent of online advertising has opened up new doors for copywriters.  An SEO copywriter is more affordable now than ever before.  This new age of copywriting certainly saves you, as a company owner, a lot of money.  Now the question is where can you find affordable copywriting for your business? 

Instead of hiring a marketing company to run a ten thousand dollar campaign you can purchase an SEO marketing package for just a couple of hundred dollars.  The best option in terms of affordability is not to work with a publicity firm but to hire a reliable ghostwriting company.  In fact, you may get a discount by working with a ghostwriting service, along with extra niceties, than by hiring an individual SEO copywriter.  Ghostwriting services usually charge by the project; an experienced the copywriter will charge a high hourly rate depending on experience.  You’re basically paying for a consultant in this scenario, and that can be pricey.

A ghostwriting service is in the business of selling words, selling good persuasive writing.  This is what you need if you hope to compete in today’s Internet-savvy market.  For more information on SEO copywriter services online, look up a company in your area or in your budget, and ask about packaging options. 


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