SEO Copywriting- Its Importance in Search Engine Optimization

Article copywriting involves framing the contents in a web-friendly manner. A widely prevailing misconception about search engine copywriting is that search engine copywriting is nothing but stuffing the content with keywords to make it rank high in search engines but a hopeless read for visitors in the process. However, the fact is quite dissimilar. In fact, search engine copywriting is the ideal blending of keywords and key phrases to make the content an interesting read to visitors, and search engine friendly.

For aspiring search engine copywriters

If you plan to try your hand at search engine copywriting, you need to take care of some points:

Density of keywords in the content- Search engine copywriting, as opposed to normal copywriting is writing for both search engines as well as human surfers. Hence, a well-planned mixture of keywords and key phrases should be used. Make a comprehensive keyword research before starting- A webpage is usually optimized for a particular keyword or a group of key phrases. Hence, knowledge of keywords and key phrases in advance will result in faster and easier framing of the content.

Placement of keywords and key phrases-search engines scan the entire page for relevant keywords and key phrases, not just the first paragraph or heading. Hence, the idea should be to make the entire content keyword friendly. The beginning of the page should contain the important keywords as some search engines refrain from reading deep into pages.

Keyword density-This is a serious consideration. Overstuffing the content with keywords and key phrases does not ensure high ranking. In fact, search engines like Google are prompt in penalizing websites with overstuffed keyword content. Ideally, a webpage should be optimized for one or two primary keywords and around five secondary keywords and the ideal density should be 3%.

Length of page- All of your web pages should have sufficient text. The home page is the most important section of any website and major emphasis should be on this. Remember, if the home page is not interesting no visitor will care to visit deep into your website, resulting in a complete loss of efforts. As far as word limit is concerned, search engines such as Google, Overture, and MSN prefer pages with number of words between 300 and 500 on your home page and important section pages to assess its keyword relevance.

SEO copywriting is not difficult, but a bit complicated as compared to normal copywriting as the needs of both search engine and human visitors have to be taken care of. Hence, being a little methodical in your approach can bring overwhelming results, something that you had never imagined before. We are one of the best SEO copywriting services provider.

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