Some Techniques for Good Copywriting

Like most other forms of good business communications, good copywriting looks effortless when it’s presented in its final form although there’s an incredible amount of work involved even for the professional writer with years of experience. When you add in the added complication of keywords as they appear in SEO copywriting, the whole matter becomes a balancing act to get the right combinations of keywords, information and good craft. As always and as much as time permits, there’s a need for constant revision to get the flow of the piece, whether it be a press release full document, just right.

After you’ve verified that the information is correct, one of the first things you’ll want to have a look at is the overall flow. Remember here it’s important that you don’t try to correct all the mistakes that you find one at a time as you go through. A much better way to work is to read the letter or memo as a whole first. This way, you’ll really be looking at the flow and seeing how easily the piece will read for others. There should not be any difficult words that will distract readers from the message or turn them off from the piece entirely. Remember that a large part of flow is about keeping the vocabulary accessible.

As well, you’ll want to see that each paragraph flows into the next one. The idea here is for each paragraph to build into the next so that the arguments or points presented move toward their logical conclusion. There is one common technique that many people copywriting for the Internet use where they try to ask a question at the end of one paragraph and then answer it at the beginning of the other. This style actively engages the reader and all the transitions that are needed are created and there’s nothing to jar the reader as they go along.

The same applies to the copywriting and sentences. As with the paragraphs, one should flow logically into the next. The best SEO copywriting has a pyramid structure involving both the sentences and the paragraphs that culminates with either a conclusion of some sort or a call to action. It’s important to remember as well that while there is some room for jargon when writing to someone in the same field, the best copywriters will try to eliminate as many of them as possible by way of good practice. Good writing of any kind is an acquired skill the looks effortless. Good copywriting flows, but it is anything but easy.

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