The Rise of Good SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization copywriting or SEO copywriting is probably one of the largest and most versatile commercial driving forces on the Internet today. It is the very fuel with which advertising agencies, promotions agencies and most of the web giants have made their mark and still continue to grow. And in case you still don’t know what we are talking about, well, these words are it.


You see, a copy is basically the text that is found in an advertisement or in an article. It can be one word, five words or even five thousand words. And when we talk about SEO Copywriting, then it means the text in an ad or article that is specifically optimized to not only get and keep the attention of the reader, but also get the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista. Now in case you were wondering whether there are any special skills associated with SEO copywriting, the answer is both yes and no. No, because everyone that has a computer can write and post something on the Internet. Yes, because it does take a certain amount of skill to not only appease the algorithms of the web’s most popular search engines, but to also add a nifty little sales pitch to your content to ensure that your site keeps getting regular visitors.


And as the Internet continues to grow and flourish, so do the techniques SEO firms use to get their clients to the top of the listings. Where a poorly written copy littered with a specific keyword used to be acceptable, search engines have adapted to sort the good from the bad with the aid of technology such as Latent Search Indexing (LSI), which in layman’s terms equates to a rather intelligent human brain. It is because of technologies such as these that SEO copywriting, nay, quality SEO copywriting, have become essential to businesses all over the world. As a result, this has also had a direct effect on the international Internet community: where in the past certain types of information remained industry specific, SEO copywriting has ensured that even those with no industry-related knowledge can peruse the information at their own leisure with the aid of a well written, simplified explanation of the content.


There is of course a flipside to the coin regarding SEO copywriting. Although an essential part of any SEO strategy, it does not constitute the whole strategy and may be supplemented with other, more direct SEO methods to achieve a good ranking, especially if the specific site requires the used of popular keywords such as sex, money and insurance. In addition, SEO copywriting, if not done in-house, can become a rather costly investment in terms of dynamic web content that need to change on a regular basis to keep the target audience entertained. Naturally this won’t be of consequence if your business can afford it, but for those with smaller businesses it might just prove to be a sore point.


In the end, it takes a fairly good writer and an excellent SEO copywriter (all-in-one) to get the job done and the money rolling in. 

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