The Value Of Pay Per Click IN Your Advertising

To start this article, let’s make certain that everyone knows what a search engine (SE) is. This is a website that will accept an input word or phrase and search a database to give you information that matches the input information that you supplied to it. The best known SE’s are Google and Yahoo.

Pay per click search engines are where the advertiser pays money for each visitor that visits his site through the ad that is posted by him. The best part of this kind of advertising is that you pay only if someone clicks on your ad. You will not have to worry about sinking too much money into your advertising campaign.

Why be concerned about the SERP ranking.? This is what produces the free traffic to your site. These people found you all by themselves using the SE and they arrive at your site open to read what you have to present. They are not suspicious as they would be if they arrived at your site by clicking on a banner ad or on a Google Adwords or Adsense ad. This traffic is the life blood of your business. Readers who arrive at your site by a search engine are much easier to sell than those who come from pay per click or banner resentful.

Google AdWords is a pay per click advertising system maintained by Google. If you use Google, you have probably noticed a bunch of sites, usually 8 on the right hand corner of your computer screen. They appear as little text ads next to search results on Google. They also appear on other Google properties such as Froogle(Google product search) and Google search network sites like AOL

Pay per click search engines do not charge a fee to run your ad. You can even set a budget of your choice, as low or as high as you wish, to set up an advertising campaign, where the amount of money spent can be controlled, based on the amount you bid on each keyword. Many times, you can get targeted traffic for very less, depending on the keyword phrases used. You are only going to pay when your ad is clicked on.

You’ll probably receive more traffic from Overture than from all the other pay per click engines combined. However, because they are less popular, buying highly targeted traffic is much cheaper than at Overture. 7

Pay per click advertising can be a good way to quickly get visitors to your web site. However, pay per click advertising should only supplement your normal search engine optimization activities. Another advantage of Google AdWords is its algorithm for ranking adwords. It allows the small businesses to compete with the large corporations. Cost Per Click (CPC) is not the only factor that Google looks at in determining the ads ranking position. If that was the case, only the large corporations with huge advertising budget will dominate the pay per click listings entirely leaving the small businesses in the dust.

Results are seen in real time and you can monitor them every few minutes to see how you are faring and make changes to your ads as and when you please. This is one of the greatest things about pay per click advertising.

Paying a high CPC alone will not guarantee you a number 1 position in Google AdWords. In Overture it will. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your ads ranking will be on Overture.

The first one is not something most people are aware of. There are sites on the internet that provide what is called, ?incentive advertising?. They pay people to go to websites all over the internet. This is unfortunately not really targeted traffic because these people are going to these websites only to get their payoff. What makes it far worse is the fact that these people are also paid to go to the sites via pay per click ads. What actually is happening is that people who are running these ads are paying for the clicks, when in reality, this traffic is not real at all.

The worst offenders are people who sabotage a pay per click campaign intentionally. They send bogus clicks to a competitors campaign to ruin the click through rate and raise his minimum bids and lower the position for the keywords. This is something that many people resort to.

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