Top 10 Reasons to Use an Email to Phone Service

One of the latest services that is growing steadily is “email to
phone”, whereby you can receive email messages by voice over the
phone, or send voice messages as emails from any phone – cell
phone, satellite phone or a regular land line.

When I first heard of this, I wondered, “Why would I want to
listen to my email instead of reading it?” But I soon learned
that there are a great many people who can stay in much better
touch receiving email messages by phone. Here is a list of the
top ten reasons I have complied to use an email to phone service:

Email to phone for busy people on the run

1. You can pick up a message any time, any where, even if you
had not planned to. Have you ever had that eerie feeling there
was an urgent email waiting for you? Now you can relieve your
curiosity, deal with the email and feel 100% assured that
landing the sand trap was not a result of email anxiety.

2. Receiving emails by phone is ideal for a busy person on the
run. Between the meetings and the restaurant and the cab, a busy
person does not always have the time to sit down in front of a
computer. But he always has time for his cell phone (You might
have noticed this in restaurants, theatre shows, etc.)

3. International travelers have a great use for email to phone
services, as they cannot always foretell the availability of a
computer or an Internet connection, nor how much time they might
have between flights, meetings, etc. This way, they can keep
monitoring all their urgent messages wherever they end up, and
delayed flights will no longer mean delayed business.

Email to phone for constant access

4. There are some places where you just can’t plug into your
computer (or would not want to). On a boat, for instance. With
email to phone messaging, you can receive email while you relax
on a boat, far from an Internet connection. And yes, it IS
relaxing to know you don’t have to fret about a missed email
that could bring down the company or cost you your job.

5. On a hunting or fishing trip, you might often find yourself
with no Internet connection. And you certainly won’t have a
computer with you (I hope!). But you might have cell phone
access. And if one of your hunting buddies does drag along his
PC from home, you can tell him to get an email to phone service

6. Check in at the cottage, without lugging a computer around.
Need I say more. It is indeed relaxing to know you don’t have to
fret about a missed email that cost you your job. It is NOT
relaxing to have to open your eyes to look at a computer monitor.

7. There are also many countries where Internet access is not
reliable, even in parts of well-traveled countries. Who needs
Internet for emails, when you can receive them by phone?

8. Indeed, even in your own country, there might be areas you
frequent that are outside of the digital coverage area, where
SMS and text messaging are unavailable, such as driving through
deserts or mountains. Even with analog coverage or a regular
phone line, you can keep monitoring your email.

Special monitoring email by phone

9. Some people need instant alerts, and have to be in touch even
while in the lunch room or traveling between meetings. IT
support people, who subscribe to a web site
service are a perfect example. If a company’s
website goes down, the CEO won’t be pleased if 45 minutes later
the IT manager says, “Sorry, I was out to lunch.”

10. Some people have the misfortune of having to communicate
with high-tech show-offs like me who use email to communicate.
For these unfortunate people who might otherwise be forced to
adapt to 21st century technology, email to phone messaging rides
to the rescue. “Hah! Now I can listen to email messages on my
cell phone. And they thought they could force me to adopt modern
technology. Hah! I sure fooled them!”

There you have it – my top ten reasons to use email to phone
services. Amazing how new ideas can turn even a stone-aged
telephone into a technological leap forward. Imagine what
they’ll do with boulders next

Mr. Cheapie is really David Leonhardt, a humor columnist:

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