Turning SEO Copywriting Into Simply Good Writing

You probably know by now that there’s a very big difference between plain old SEO copywriting and anything that can be considered ‘good’ writing. The bare minimum of SEO copy will just make your business visible to the search engines; good writing makes you look attractive to customers. Here are three characteristics that will convert your old copy into great writing, and turn your copywriting marketing campaign from good to great.


First things first: keep all the facts and figures in a single piece of copy relevant to a single product. If you have the kind of outfit that sells a multitude of products to sell, it’s tempting to just stuff everything into a single piece of copy so that customers get to see the most items in a single view. This method, however, is often counterproductive. Because the readers aren’t persuaded in any single direction, they end up bored or confused, and so would navigate away to another page.

But that doesn’t mean that you should leave your copy shallow and short. If there’s anything special to be highlighted in your product, give it a brief mention to pique the reader’s interest. Is there an exotic active ingredient in your product? Does your item have unique, patented technology? Let your readers know, and they’ll be likelier to browse through the rest of what you have to say.


Always have an identifiable theme for each article you use in copywriting marketing. Simply saying that your product is the best isn’t enough. Do you offer the best value for money? Does your product have the best combination of features on the market? Be more specific about the message and the image you want to convey, and then keep it consistent throughout your copy.


You also have to pay a lot of attention to how the whole SEO piece flows as it’s read. Readers, once they start with your copy, shouldn’t be able to stop reading until the very end. This means that you have to keep them interested in every next sentence, and to never drop the ball.

One trick to keep your readers interested is to never put all your eggs into a single basket. Don’t offer a full summary of the copy at the very start and never place so many ideas in a single part or paragraph. Always make it seem like there’s always more for the reader to find out in the next sentence, the next paragraph or the next article to keep them reading on.

A Little Problem

While ‘good’ writing is the key to unlock your products’ full sales potential, it’s also not very easy to do. You have to have a set of writing skills that go far beyond what you learned in high school writing classes. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the services of a professional SEO copywriting company for your copywriting marketing campaign.

Nothing beats professional writers when it comes to effective writing. Not only will you avoid having to guess and check what kind of writing will work with your market, but you can also get started right away on the marketing strategy that you had planned.

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