What is a Pay Per Click Campaign

A pay per click campaign is one of the easiest and quickest ways you can drive traffic to your company website. It is also a controlled method you can use for traffic purposes. There are many different things to think about with a pay per click campaign.

The primary purpose is to reach the consumers who are actively looking for the exact products and services your business offers. People looking for your specific products and services are exactly what you want to generate. The things you can control with a campaign like this are the amount of traffic driven to your site, the point of entrance for your website and the type of traffic you get.

A pay per click campaign works by placing small text ads for your site in the listing pages of search engines. When you look at sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN there are sponsored listings at the top of the pages and along the side. These advertisements are from companies who pay to be there. However, the fees to pay only incur when a user clicks on the ad. This is where the term pay per click advertising originated from. To put the ad on the search engine is free, which is good advertising for your site because people may not click on the initial ad but if they are ever looking for a service you provide they could remember your company name. Your business is only charged when someone shows interest and clicks on the ad itself.

A pay per click advertising campaign will begin by developing a list of keywords displaying how you would like the ad to be displayed. Some people write ads for individual keywords or with a related group of keywords. The keywords are responsible for linking the most relevant search pages to your site.

The keywords you choose can also affect the cost you pay. There is competition for keywords and companies compete for certain keywords. You will bid on the keywords and based on the bids is where your site will end up in the placement on the search pages. Your placement on the page usually depends on your bid amount and the competition for that particular keyword. The more specific you tend to be with your keywords then the better your chances are of not being up against too much competition.

The way you would measure the success of a pay per click campaign would be the conversions. This means, you might have five hundred people click on your ad and only two people make a purchase. Those two people are considered conversions.

However, if the two purchases don’t make up for the cost of the 500 clicks on your ad then you might need to revamp your pay per click campaign or look at other methods for advertising.

A campaign is therefore designed to provide advertising for your website that will drive large amounts of traffic to your business and in return convert into these users buying sales and services offered through your company. You should consider a pay per click campaign if you would like to improve the traffic and sales of your business.

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