What is Online Marketing-using Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click? Contrary to the name, it’s not an expensive remote control. It refers to the way businesses pay for ads on the Internet. With Pay Per Click (PPC), Internet advertisers only shell out their money when someone clicks through their ad to get to their Web site.

The cost of an ad used to be based on how many times visitors viewed the Web site containing the ad. Unfortunately for advertisers, they still had to pay for the space though many people learned to ignore the ad banners. Now businesses can get more bang for their buck by only paying for ad strategies that work.

Needless to say the Pay Per Click revolution has changed the way businesses buy advertising. Why would anyone continue to pay an arm and a leg for wide-sweeping ad campaigns that are not guaranteed to affect their target audiences? Unlike other media such as television and radio, Internet advertisers can pay just for results.

This means the average business owner, who can learn the software, can test out their advertising strategies without breaking the bank. Pay Per Click also allows them to fine tune their ad campaigns because they can track the effectiveness of their ads by the number of clicks they get.

Even amateur advertisers can take a crack at marketing. Many people who become sales representatives for Multi-Level Marketing groups or Affiliate programs might see PPC advertising as a way to bolster sales. There is also the possibility that other entrepreneurs will create advertising businesses using PPC to promote companies on the Internet. The fact that there is little overhead – besides paying for and learning the program – means Pay Per Click could potentially be the great equalizer of advertising.

The process is deceptively easy. There are different software programs for Pay Per Click advertisers. The original was popularized by Google. Their Adwords program allowed ads to be triggered by search terms on Google’s search engine. So when Web surfers typed in what they were looking for, the appropriate ads appeared down the right side of their search results page.
However, ads that appear on the first page come with a higher price per click and that click doesn’t guarantee the product or service will be sold.

So really what is Pay Per Click if not a way to level the playing field of advertising? It’s away for advertisers to get more reasonably priced space and target their efforts more effectively.

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