What Type Of Copywriter Should You Hire?

You need something written to sell your product or service. You turn to the Internet, tap the word ‘copywriter’ into Google and search. Bingo!

Thousands of results, plus a swag of Google Ads to boot. So who do you choose? Is the best copywriter the one who’s at the top of the search pile?

Not necessarily. What they are good at – or someone who’s affiliated with them is good at – is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). They know the techniques and tricks to get their website to the top of the search engine rankings. These copywriters are called, quite naturally, SEO copywriters.

Do you need a SEO Copywriter?

If you have a website and need it to climb the search engine rankings, you should consider the services of a SEO copywriter.

The SEO copywriter writes your web page text so that it includes specific search terms, known as keywords. He or she will aim for a keyword density of 3-5 per cent. So for every 100 words, your keyword should appear at least 3 times. The art of SEO copywriting is to make it all read smoothly and, more importantly, persuade the reader that your site is worth staying at until they do whatever it is you want them to do.

In addition to writing the text, a good SEO copywriter ensures that other page elements are optimised for search engines. This includes the Title, Description and Keyword tags, as well as alt text and headings.

All this will help your website climb the ranks. But it’s only part of the solution. A major factor in search engine rankings is the number of links around the Internet that lead to your site. There are several strategies to help you achieve this – but that’s another story.

What about a Direct Mail Copywriter?

A Direct Mail Copywriter is more accurately described as a Direct Response Copywriter. This copywriter can produce not only mailings, but also copy for most mediums, whether it be print, TV or radio. Everything he or she writes should be crafted to get a response from the reader, viewer or listener.

Take a look at any successful direct response advertising and you’ll find the copywriter has followed a formula, often referred to as AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Adding Conviction after Desire can make the advertising work harder.

Building your brand is not the prime focus of the Direct Response Copywriter. But an element of branding can and should be put into all direct response communications, even if it’s only your tag line.

Or do you need a specialist Brand Copywriter?

If you have a recognised brand or intend to build one, the Brand Copywriter can create the kind of ideas and copy that strikes an emotional appeal in the consumer’s mind.

Most global and national brands are built with the help of full service advertising agencies. An agency gives the kind of total approach – planning, strategy, research, media, creative, production – needed to build a brand.

However, hiring a freelance Brand Copywriter can be far more cost-effective. Before the Brand Copywriter starts work, he needs to know exactly what you want your brand to convey. That’s not a problem if your brand already exists, but if you want to create one you’ll need to have done your research.

In addition – and this goes for all advertising – you need to know your proposition for the job your hired copywriter is going to work on. Your proposition is a short statement that gives the single most compelling reason as to why someone should buy your product or service. Failure to produce a well-conceived proposition is the major reason much advertising fails to produce the desired results.

Don’t forget Technical Copywriters

If your product or service is of a highly technical nature then you’ll need a Technical Copywriter to convey its benefits to your target audience. That could mean communicating to other technically literate people, or else turning the techno-language into everyday speak for a wider audience.

When you know what type of copywriter you want, you then need to find one that’s good in his or her particular field. Check copywriting samples first. Any copywriter of merit will have at least a couple of well-known brand names in their portfolio. Does the copy read well? Does it persuade? If so, ring them up and talk to them. If you feel a rapport developing, that’s a good sign you’ve got the right copywriter.

Tony Brecher has over 19 years experience as a copywriter and creative director. He now runs Adwriter and creates advertising, direct mail and web content copy for clients large and small. For more information on how he can help build profits for your business visit http://www.adwriter.com.au

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