Which Job To Choose: Data Entry Or Copywriting?

We can get both data entry and copywriting jobs on the internet. The place where these jobs are easily available are called freelance sites.

The real question is what online job to choose? Which job is better: data entry or copywriting?

First of all: let’s talked about the amount of money that one can earn via doing these jobs.

Copywriting jobs pay is higher compared to what we can earn via doing data entry work. Copywriting work pays some decent amount of money where data entry work is considered to be the lowest paying work that one can get on the internet.

As copywriting pay good money then I guess, everybody should do this work?

Yes, everyone should try to get copywriting work if they can write content in proper English. In order to do copywriting jobs, one needs to write spelling and grammar errors free content in English.

Unfortunately, not everybody is capable of writing good content in English. Many people, who are looking to make money online, cannot write proper English.

Ok, so if a person cannot write good/proper content in English, then what can he/she do?

Data entry category is where we can find simple jobs to do. These jobs can be done without any experience and without having the knowledge of any specific field. If a person can operate a PC then he/she can do data entry jobs.

Now the main question: Which job to choose, data entry or copywriting?

The answer is quite simple. If you can write simple but grammar and spelling errors free English, then you have to choose copywriting. But in case your writing skills are not impressive then I guess you will have to go with data entry work.

One option is to learn to write proper English. This will require some hard work and this process will be time consuming but the result will be rewarding as via doing copywriting jobs, you can earn much more money compared to what you can earn doing data entry work.

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