Why Your Business Needs A Copywriter

As a business owner, your time is precious and you need to find the most effective way of marketing your business. Equally, your customers’ time is precious and they want to be connected with businesses they can relate to and those that can offer them something they actually want. A fantastic way for your business to reach and connect with your customers is by using a copywriter.

We are all busy people who get bombarded constantly by countless marketing messages. We are also all very good at only ‘hearing’ what is relevant to us and blocking out the rest. A good copywriter will ensure your business stands out from the crowd and allow you to communicate with your customers in an effective and engaging way.

Effective copy is created with the audience and the purpose in mind. Before you begin to write, always think: Who is my target audience? What is the purpose of this copy? Without answering these two key questions and then writing copy based on the answers, you might as well write about your dog Lester and her training classes in Leicester, for all your customers will care!

Understanding your audience is vital. Do you know who they are? What are their interests? What makes them tick? You need to know what they are looking for and what matters to them, whether it is price, quality, ethics, image etc. Without this, your copywriting is metaphorically standing on a chair in a room full of people and shouting; a strategy that very rarely gets results. Instead, your copywriting should talk to your audience and tell them something they want to hear.

The other important factor is the end result, the purpose of your copy. Or put another way, the reasons why you are hiring a copywriter. Is the purpose of your copy to promote, to raise awareness, to explain your company’s products and services, to sell, to persuade or for another reason entirely? Regardless of your reason, always know the point of your marketing piece to ensure the copy is tailored and impactful.

Your copywriter will be able to translate your business’s key features, benefits and USPs (unique selling points) and turn them into a relevant piece your customers will want to read. A good copywriter will know just what to write to grab your audience’s attention and a great copywriter will know how to retain their attention and achieve the end result.

Once written and you are happy with the piece, the copy should be edited or proofread before being released to the world, to ensure it is error-free. A copywriter will create the right words, tone, image, message for you. An editor will make sure the copy is as concise and clear as possible. And a proofreader will ensure the copy is accurate and grammatically correct. Editing and proofreading a piece of copy are important because poor sentence structure and grammar will put off a discerning reader and make him or her think less of the piece of writing – and, ultimately, of your business. Remember, your copy is the face of your business.

Most copywriters worth their salt will also have a great eye for detail and will be able to write, edit and proofread the copy for you. This will save you both time and money.

A copywriter is a great investment for all businesses. By creating effective and engaging copy that is tailored to your audience and your marketing purpose, a copywriter will ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

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