Common Copywriting Mistakes That Even Expert Copywriters Make

None of us are perfect. As the old saying goes, even monkeys fall out of trees sometimes. And even an expert copywriter may make a mistake from time to time. Here are some mistakes every copywriter has made at one time or another.

1.    Forgetting your audience. When you are copywriting, you are writing it for someone. That person may be your client, but ultimately the audience is the person you want to act based on what they have read. It does no good to write to make a particular client happy if the audience will not respond to what you have written. Hopefully you have found yourself a client who knows the audience he is trying to reach.

2.    Not knowing your product. When you are trying to write about something that you do not know, it shows. Nothing is worse than reading about a product when it is clear that the author did not know what they were talking about! Not every writing job can be in your most knowledgeable subject field, but you must take the time to know something about the product you are writing about.

3.    Too much detail, or not enough. It is sometimes hard to know just how much detail to write about. You have to give the audience enough information to grab their attention, but not so much information that they feel overwhelmed.

4.    You write too much. People today do not have a lot of time to read, so if you can not capture their attention with your message quickly, you will lose out on your chance. You need to make sure your first words are attention grabbing and then the reader will stay to see what you have to say to them.

5.    You do not make it easy for people to do what you want them to do. If you want someone to buy something from you, you have to make it easy for them to find the price of your product, and buy it. If you want someone to subscribe to your newsletter, you have to offer them an easy way to subscribe, hopefully more than one way. If you really want someone to do something, make it easy for them to do it.

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