Conversion Tracking And Split Testing

What is Conversion Tracking?

A conversion is said to be occurred when a click on your ad shows the way directly to the user behavior like signing up, purchasing, lead or even a page view that you believe precious. Any marketing campaign can be declared as useless though it generates many visitors to their site but fails to convert these visitors as customers. Converting the visitors as customers is what we need and what most of today’s web sites are interested in. Hence, there come in the importance of conversion tracking analytics. It is a form of web traffic analytics that measures how effective the source that directing the visitors to a website and how that source influencing them to act on.

There are two kinds of Conversion Tracking Methods; namely, log analysis and tracking services. Log analysis analyses the log files created by web servers of that particular website and through tracking services, the tracking script is inserted into those to be tracked web pages. The tracking script gets triggered by the page requests generated by the visitors. The tracking script is logged in by the authorized persons that produce reports to be used for analysis.

What is Split Testing?

The PPC or Pay per click advertisers time and again support split testing. Those who knows, it is more or less apparent. But for those who do not know what does it mean, it is a bit nonfigurative. To increase the efficiency of a web based offers, split testing could be a tremendous strategy to be practiced. Spending a good quality time and putting best of the efforts and by using right tools, we can achieve perfect testing. Split testing indentifies an offer on the website that you may be interested in testing and then it creates one or many variations of such offer.

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