Conversion Tracking Software That Works

When you begin tracking campaign clicks from your advert, all the way through to the Thank You page shown after a sale, your potential for exploding your pay per click profitability goes way up. The ability to track your campaigns, or perform conversion tracking, is so critical to your success as a PPC advertiser that if you are not already doing it you are almost certainly throwing away most of your potential profit.

All successful pay per click marketers are tracking their campaigns. But not all of them are doing it the same way. The basic idea is that when a prospective customer clicks on an advertisement, the URL which takes the prospect to the next location will carry an identifier for the advert. This identifier, or tracking ID, needs to be propagated from advert to landing page, from landing page to sales page, and finally from sales page to the Thank You page shown when the prospect has finally become a customer for the merchant you are promoting.

As you might anticipate, this is an involved process, and if the tracking is not carried out reliably at any point in the process, your results will suffer. When you choose software to implement the tracking, you really need to understand the motivation of the software developer behind the code. Did they launch into the process to make a buck selling the code, or is there another reason for their investment in time and energy.

While there is nothing wrong with writing software to make money (I do it myself), there is often a big difference in the approach of developers who code for money and those who code out of necessity to solve a problem that is bothering them. Those who code from necessity often produce software that has been designed from the ground up to encompass all of the problems that inspired the software developer in the first place.

One such individual is super affiliate Jeremy Palmer, who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on pay per click marketing. Jeremy knew that he was throwing away a lot of his money because he simply did not know which keywords and adverts were driving his sales. So he set out to create his own conversion tracking software.

After developing, using, and optimizing his conversion tracking software for several years, Jeremy Palmer made his code available to affiliates as an inexpensive commercial application. Optimize My Site has since received rave reviews from those who have used it.

But how accurate are those anecdotal shout outs for Optimize My Site, and how does the software really work? Recently I decided to find out, and now I have written up an in-depth review of the software. To learn whether Optimize My Site might be the conversion tracking software that you are looking for, get across to my Optimize My Site Review page and find out why the term “flash of genius” appears in my review of Jeremy’s software. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at my conclusions.

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