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One of the biggest misconceptions about copywriting is that anyone who is good at writing is naturally good at copywriting. The truth is that while you do need to be good at writing in order to be good at copywriting, the reverse is not true. You do not need to be good at copywriting to be good at writing. Huh?!

Let’s break it down: The misconception is largely based on the fact that copywriting is a bit of a foreign concept to most people. But if you’re in the business world, you probably come across copywriting every day of your working life. That’s because copywriting is any business writing that is used to sell, promote or market a company’s services or products. So, copywriting projects are simply any marketing communications—such as direct mail, ads, a website, newsletters, articles or press releases—that a company produces.

But what exactly are the common threads between such diverse copywriting projects? For one, there is an informational aspect to each of these copywriting projects. However, there is more to it than simply delivering information. There is always a greater purpose to the piece. Of course, the specific intention of a copywriting project varies, but, in general, copywriting projects are meant to attract customers and make sales. Remember that not all copywriting projects need to actually close a sale—although, it’s great if they do. But all copywriting projects do need to move your business toward a goal, whether creating a relationship, fueling interest, attracting leads, etc. Simply put, copywriting projects need to contribute to your business objectives.

There are a few typical ways that companies traditionally use copywriting. For one, direct response communications ask the reader to respond right away. This type of copywriting project takes many forms, whether direct mail, an advertisement, a website or a brochure.

Another common use for copywriting is for public relations. This indirect communication establishes credibility and gets you in the public eye through articles in magazines, newspapers, television, radio, journals, etc.

Whatever the method, all copywriting projects will be more effective if they entice, influence and create desire—hence why good copywriting needs to be well-written. But since a good novel need not entice, influence and create desire, not all writers need be good at copywriting.


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