Copywriting: Words That Sell!

Copywriting is a very hot topic online and off. What’s so hot about it?

 It’s simple really – profits! Good copywriting reaches out to potential customers, pulls them in to your sales page, draws them through the copy and convinces them to buy your product. Seems simple doesn’t it?

 It is simple if you know what drives people’s buying decisions and how to effectively trigger those decisions. So what is it that makes us buy?

 Our buying decisions are based on emotion. No logic involved. So don’t tell me the features that make your product so good, tell me how it’s going to make my love life better, make me rich or make me happy. Do that and I’ll buy from you…

 Advertisers and business owners spend billions of dollars in research to find the words and phrases that bring out the feelings, emotions and responses that will induce customers to purchase their products.

 Emotional responses are related to our basic needs for security, love, validation, excitement and wealth. These emotional needs drive all of our buying decisions. The key to being a successful copywriter is knowing how to appeal to these basic needs.

 Some words are more powerful than others. Here are ten of the most powerful words in the English language according to the psychology department of Yale University:

You – This is the most powerful word. To be successful, copywriting has to be very personal, and the use of “you” tells your customer this copy is written specifically for him/her.
Results – Talking about the great “results” of using a product works well to rationalize a purchase.
Health – This is an especially powerful word when it applies to a product.
Guarantee – Offers the purchaser a sense of safety at the time of purchase.
Discover – Offers a sense of adventure and excitement.
Love – This is always a favorite – everyone wants to be loved!
Proven – Helps to remove the fear of trying something new.
Safety – Can be used for product quality or a health feature.
Save – We all want to believe we’ve made a good purchase.
New – As humans we love new and novel things.

 Knowing how to appeal to our emotional needs is providing huge paychecks for many copywriters.  Whether you’re simply trying to write a compelling sales letter for your product or website, or whether you want to pocket some of those big paychecks yourself, knowing how to compel customers to buy should be your number one concern

 Don’t get left behind. Make it your priority to learn how to drive people’s buying decisions and take your place alongside the copywriting pros who can literally write their own paycheck!

 To learn how you can master copywriting and take your profits up, up, up,

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